Record of the Mightiest Lord: Complete Review Explained! Read it later

Are you looking for the best Manhua with young adult characters in action? Record of the Mightiest Lord is the best Chinese graphic novel that brings young adult characters with unique powers and mission. Tony is the creator of this graphic novel. There is not much detail about the creator of this graphic novel. Record of the Mightiest Lord is about a young aristocrat named Richard Orlando. He uses his training and magical powers to make allies. He uses different war strategies and spells to fight against the deadliest enemies like Draco Goblin. The story of Richard Orlando becomes an inspiration because of Titan’s thunder spell. 

We will update this review article as the more chapters of this graphic novel come out. The main characters of the story are Richard Orlando (Lead character), Calvin Orlando (Father and King), Wenger Orlando (Half brother of Richard Orlando), Chief (Barbarian Outlander), Russell (Barbarian Outlander) and Count Augustus. In this blogpost, Forbeso shares with you the review of the Record of the mightiest lord in detail. 

Record of the Mightiest Lord Review

Richard Orlando crosses over to a new world and gains the Lord system. It is allowing him to upgrade subordinates and buy equipment. Richard’s father unexpectedly passes, leading his half-brother to see him as a threat to inheritance. Count offers Richard support in exchange for giving up the Orlando surname, but Richard negotiates for a loan.  Richard buys Barbarian Highlanders for a guard team, showcasing his strength and strategy. Richard challenges and defeats the barbarians, earning their respect and allegiance. He purchases equipment for his followers and plans to conquer a territory located near a goblin ambush. He strategically defeats the goblin leader, gaining control of the situation and earning respect among his followers. Richard plans to move on to the next target, the high mountain fortress. 

Guarding Cobalts

Richard orders an attack on Cobalts, causing immediate collapse. Richard hangs the leader, who apologizes upon fear. He advises on the stronghold’s advantages and Cobalts’ potential reinforcements. Russell is confused about the leader’s release.  Richard plans to draw out Cobalt troops for an attack. 

 Night Raid

Richard’s team approaches the enemy camp with silence and kills the guards. Outlander Barbarians now form an elite force under the system’s influence. They encounter Draco Goblin and a giant beast. Richard quickly defeats Draco Goblin through his quick battle strategy.

Trade Opportunity

Richard rescues caravan, sees potential for trade and alliance. Annie offers compensation, and introduces high-level healing potions. Richard sees profit potential, and accepts Annie’s offer. Annie uses a communication crystal ball that shows the resources of the caravan.

Conflict Situation

Richard equips the Centaur tribe and purchases weapons for alliance. Richard’s men arrive late to aid the attacked caravan. He advises Annie to leave for safety and demands more compensation. The conflicts happened between Richrd and Annie. Richard welcomes the battle with Cobalts and is ready to confront them. 

Surprise Attack Strategy

The archers of Richard’s army start attacks. Richard’s first charge destroys enemy forces that impress his allies. Cobalt and Jack Hall leaders get worried and use magic to seek help. The magic throws massive fireballs on Richard’s army. It highlights the shaman wizard’s formidable power. Richard orders his Horsemen to launch a ranged attack.  The jackals’ leader realizes the situation and rushes to protect the wizard from the incoming attack. Richard captures the leader of the Cobalts and the wizard, to get information about the Bandit’s stronghold.

Model Magician Knowledge

The stubborn magician brag  about her abilities and refuses to submit until Richard punches her to the ground. Model, the wizard, reveals the location of the stronghold and her knowledge of various shaman abilities. Richard assigns Model to train talented trolls discovered on the high mountain Fortress. Richard’s encounter with the bear men and rabbits brings unexpected alliances.  Model’s spells and troll allies prove effective in battle. Richard faces challenges from both enemies and allies. He is involved in the battles and gets dominance in the Wilderness.

Titan’s power Inheritance

Richard leads a fierce battle against the enemy that brings strategic spells and tactics. Richard’s forces defend the castle, ultimately defeating the enemy. Richard participates in the ceremony to inherit the Titan’s power, leading to unexpected results. He inherited the Titan’s thunder spell that spread Richard’s story  of bravery at the dwarves’ fortress.