What are Blackwork Tattoos? Complete Answered! Read it later

Blackwork tattoos are historical tribal tattoos with backgrounds in diverse cultures. These tattoos are ancient and have existed since 1500 BC. The early civilizations of Mesoamericans, Africans and Egyptians have blockworks tattooing. The ancient Polynesians used blackwork body art as the sign of belief, status, religion, or protection. The Spanish blackwork tattoos are from the 16th century as body art that uses designs of Indian textile artists. Blackwork introduced to the British through Britain explorer James Cook, in the 1770s. These tattoos became popular among miners and sailors. So, what are Blackwork Tattoos? Blackwork tattoos involve the black color (black pigment) only without any addition of gray or other color for dilution or design purpose. We use solid black ink for design or geometrical structure. These tattoos have patterns, figures, and objects with bold thick outlines through skin break. 

In this read, Forbeso Team shares with you the interesting facts about blackwork tattoos that every body art lover should know. 

What are blackwork tattoos meaning?

Blackwork tattoos have deep meaning depending on the person. These tattoos have a contrast of negative space that brings a minimalistic and simple look. It shares the story of the person in a straightforward way. You can have a geometric design for a mysterious look and use simple tribal designs like amulets for tribal associations. 

What are blackwork tattoos used for?

Blackwork tattoos use for the association with the tribal association and a bold representation of any story or personal action. It can be used to express the heritage or group association of a person. These tattoos are useful to cover up the existing tattoos or enhance the appearance of existing tattoos. 

What are blackwork tattoos price?

The price of a blackwork tattoo depends on the varied factors of design complexity, size, unique location, consultancy with expert or unique design customization. The blackwork tattoo designs that are not simple require more skilled tattoo experts and duration. The tattoos that are bigger in size are more expensive than the smaller ones. You must choose the session or location that charges less to manage your tattoo budget. 

What are blackwork tattoos for guys

The solid black ink tattoos look masculine and philosophical towards a specific purpose. You can get blackwork tattoo ideas from Hollywood celebrities like Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson. Jason has a Hawaiian tribal pattern tattoo and Dawyne has Polynesian pattern cover left chest. 


The origin of the blackwork tattoos is from the tribals that have unique backgrounds. The tribes have tattoos on the visible part of the body usually on sleeves with unique cultural symbols that bring s strong visual impact. You can choose the custom design that mixes with tribal and contemporary design trends. 


The Dotwork has significance for blackwork body art that uses tiny dots to form a design. You can choose the geometrical patterns to realistic pictures through Dot work art with shading. The cost of dot work is higher than other tattoos, but it is still popular. The hand poke technique applies for this tattoo in the past, but tattoo machines are in use these days. 


The blackout tattoo involves covering the significant skin with complete black solid ink. People use blackout tattoos to present a fresh start or cover old tattoos. There are diverse design options with the blackout style. The blackout covers the whole skin of that area, and you are unable to see the natural skin. The blackout tattoo is not appropriate for people with skin issues. It protects your skin from UV rays to reduce skin damage. You require more time to get the tattoo and less options to have a design with a longer healing period. Read about What is Chicano Style Tattoo?