Benefits of Living in Dubai Read it later

If a think about the city that can give me offer me everything all time, Dubai is the city that comes in my mind first. It has diverse population with luxury options for a person of every taste. I love to read about the latest facts about this beautiful city through internet and my friends. In this read, I share the best possible Benefits of Living in Dubai. Many celebrities from all over the world with different backgrounds live in dubai or make it a second home like Giorgio Armani and Michael Schumacher.

Dubai’s day-to-day life is characterized by a high standard of living, safety, and cleanliness. Residents can enjoy beautiful beaches, diverse dining options, and a vibrant nightlife scene. The city hosts various festivals and events, catering to all interests.

Relocating to Dubai is a lifestyle shift that requires careful thought and preparation. While Dubai offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to weigh them against potential challenges and personal preferences. You should informed, seek advice, and consider individual needs before making a decision.

Professional Opportunities 

The important benefits of living in Dubai is the constant upgrading professional careers. Vast professional opportunities in thriving business economies of Abu Dhabi and Dubai attract expats seeking career advancement and new challenges. Most job opportunities are in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, with a world-class standard of living. UAE has growth industries like energy, healthcare, finance, and property, which experience skills shortages. Expats often secure jobs through international companies or recruitment agencies. Summer jobs and internships are available but can be challenging to obtain due to visa restrictions. The working week runs from Sunday to Thursday, with Fridays and Saturdays as rest days. Employees in the private sector receive 30 days of annual leave after one year of employment. UAE offers nine recognized public holidays, and income tax is not applicable.

Tax Free Nation

Dubai is known for being a tax-free nation, but it does impose certain taxes to finance its lavish incentives and services. Certain sectors, like entertainment and leisure, contribute significantly to tax revenue, while others are exempt.

Restaurants charge a 10% service tax, which is sent to the government, not distributed among staff. Hotels providing lodging facilities also have to pay taxes. Imports in Dubai are mostly tax-exempt, but items like alcohol and tobacco are heavily taxed due to Islamic laws. Utility services in Dubai are subject to council taxes, and excessive tolls have been introduced on certain roads.

Advance City

There is a opinion about the Dubai success due to it’s location, port or oil based economy. The reason that excites me about the success of this world famous city is pre planned advance city. The Dubai Crown Prince has formed a Supreme Committee for the Urban Planning of Dubai to implement the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan and improve the city’s living standards. Dubai renowns for its contemporary architecture, housing landmarks like the Opus by Zaha Hadid Architects and the upcoming Burj Jumeira by SOM. Dubai plans to be a global leader in 3D printing, with one quarter of new buildings expected to be 3D printed by 2025, aiming to reduce costs and reshape economies and labor markets. The Supreme Committee for Urban Planning, chaired by His Excellency Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, will oversee major infrastructure and urban projects, focusing on the city’s wellbeing and development.

Diverse Culture

One of the Benefits of Living in Dubai is diverse options, with over 90% of its 3 million residents being expats from various countries. The food sector is a reflection of its fusion of cultures, offering a vast array of global flavors and Michelin-starred chef establishments.  Dubai Design District (d3) showcases art, design, and fashion from UAE and international innovators.

Around 80 to 85% of Dubai’s population comprises expats from over 125 countries, making it a truly multicultural city. Dubai offers multicultural education with schools that have various international curriculums, allowing children to stay connected to their roots. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a variety of religious establishments, allowing residents from different faiths to feel welcome and respected. The city ranks among the top 10 multicultural cities and set to become more culturally diverse by 2030.

Family Friendly City

You may listen about the night clubbing and dance parties of dubai. But the reality is different, the city offer most family friendly activities, events and residence.Dubai offers a fantastic family vacation experience with family-friendly activities, including waterparks, desert safaris, camel riding, LEGOLAND, aquariums, shopping, strolling around Dubai Marina, spending time at the beach, and staying in family-friendly hotels. Choose from clean and well-kept private resort beaches or public ones like JBR Open Beach and La Mer. Family-friendly hotels offer all-inclusive dining, attraction tickets, and onsite activities.

Proper Safety

 Dubai is safe for Western tourists, including Americans. Travelers should be aware of local laws and customs, including strict adherence to Sharia law and penalties for certain offenses. The city also become seventh in Numbeo’s 2023 safest-cities rankings, with varying scores from GeoSure on different safety aspects.

Dubai adheres closely to Sharia law, with stiff penalties for offenses like same-sex relations, public drunkenness, and immodest dress. Tips for staying safe in Dubai include knowing and following the laws, dressing modestly, securing possessions, being cautious with photography, and being mindful of alcohol consumption. Traveling in groups at night is recommended, and extra caution should be taken around ATMs due to potential skimming.

Camel safaris

A camel safari offers a distinct riding experience different from horse riding, attracting even experienced riders with its excitement.  Many people fall in love with the lovable and docile camels during the safari, appreciating their close encounter with these sweet animals. a camel safari lasts an entire afternoon, immersing you in a simpler time, with a 45-minute camel ride, falcon show, Arabian oryx and gazelle spotting, and an evening feast of Emirati cuisine and Bedouin culture.