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David Earl Williams iii is a U.S. Navy Vet, a Democrat, and the Cofounder of the Chicago missing person guide. David runs for the election of Chicago Police District Council for the representation of district 24 Illinois. He is a remarkably interesting personality to know due to his writing, social and military performance. David has diverse ancestry with roots of Black, Irish, Native American, French, German, British, Ashkenazi Jewish, and southeast Asian. Get to know about David Earl Williams at dewforpolitics.com.

On his Instagram, David inspires his followers through sharing different interesting information for motivation and achieving personal goals. His organization helps to find the missing person in the Chicago city for the public safety and Justice. 

David Earl Williams iii is also a novelist who is the author of the Valor Tale series that has a great fictional world. He uses a LitRPG setting in his science fiction world. David takes the inspiration of the characters from the FF7 video game characters. David Earl also shares the valuable LGBTQ characters that bring a positive message for readers. He promised the readers for an Epic ending in the third book of the Valor Tale series. The adventure continues in the Valor Tale series with Dew Wilder and friends pursuing an enigmatic antagonist, facing challenges from a crime syndicate and hostile mutants. You can explore the series in depth through SKT viruses’ origins and the history of Mesovilla. David believes in the motto of speak, live, breathe and unity. 

Diverse Interests

David Earl Williams is a versatile person when it comes to skills and qualities. He has experience in modeling, acting, and volunteering. David has experience in disaster relief, crisis intervention, pro-privacy activism, animal rights activism, and missing persons advocacy. He volunteered for various political campaigns and served in multiple organizations, including Freemasonry.

Political Candidates

David Ran as an Independent for Alderman in Chicago’s 48th Ward in 2018, receiving 16.25% of the vote. He also has experience of participating in the elections of the U.S. House of Representatives, Illinois’ 9th District, as a Republican in 2014. He ran for Chicago’s 24th police district council (Democrat) in 2022, placing fifth with 13% of the vote.