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Gwyneth Chua is a young woman with a passion for helping others. She was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to the United States when she was eighteen. Gwyneth is currently attending college and plans to pursue a career in dentistry. She enjoys volunteering at local homeless shelters and soup kitchens in her free time. Gwyneth is also an avid traveler and has visited several countries throughout Southeast Asia.

Poblacion girl

Last December, high-profile case Gwyneth Chua – aka the ‘Poblacion girl’ – made headline news. She was accused of breaking quarantine rules after returning to Makati from the US. According to a resolution filed by the local prosecution office on April 29. There is probable cause for criminal charges against her and Esteban Gatbonton (the security guard at Berjaya Hotel). It is for assisting in her escape. These serious allegations come with penalties that could have major consequences if upheld!

An investigation happens by the prosecution office. It concludes that Imelda Chua the only one responsible for her breach of health protocols. She departed from a hotel after arriving in Manila. Despite her parents and boyfriend’s involvement in transporting her on different occasions during Dec. 22-25th, there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute them under the law. Unfortunately for Miss Chua, however, this transgression has brought about severe consequences, with authorities seeking action against not just herself. Still, all other parties who may have been involved or complicit with it occurring. It is potentially sparking repercussions beyond what is already known at the present moment.

Gwyneth Chua berjaya hotel

The DOT hit Berjaya Makati Hotel with a hefty fine. She revoked its permit after failing to live up to its responsibility of keeping a traveler in mandatory quarantine. The hotel had admitted that based on security camera footage. No staff members attempted to stop Gwyneth Anne Chua from leaving. Did they call the authorities when her breach was discovered. With this acknowledgment, the DOT implemented swift action against Berjaya’s negligence towards duty – twice as many fines than usual, plus revocation of their once-prized multiple-use accreditation status.

The DOT has issued a verdict that the Berjaya Makati Hotel now has 15 days to appeal before Chua’s reckless actions take full effect. The traveler, who came from the United States on December 22 and immediately ignored her five-day quarantine, went out partying in Poblacion later that night – ultimately resulting in at least seven of those closest to her being infected with COVID-19.

Her Viral Video

Gwyneth Chua made headlines when she tested positive for COVID-19 on December 27, after a party in Makati just four days prior. While this deadly illness has sent shockwaves throughout the world, some internet users have instead chosen to vent their rage by responding with memes rather than compassion– an ironic twist considering that it was likely Gwyneth herself who contracted it. Stranded at her hotel until she tested clear of infection, Chua has had to deal with being ill and sadly receiving online abuse due to misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding her situation.

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