Is Ion Perez Gay? Complete Answer! Read it later

Ion Perez is a Filipino television host, actor, and model. He gained fame as a co-host on the popular noontime show “It’s Showtime,” which airs on ABS-CBN in the Philippines. Ion Perez is one of the winners of Misters of Filipinas 2017. So, Is Ion Perez gay? Ion Perez is gay because he got married to Vice Ganda who is a nonbinary Filipino comedian in 2021. He clarifies that he identifies as straight. Ion Perez acknowledges falling in love with Vice Ganda and refers to Vice as his “girlfriend.” In this article, we share with you about the Ion Perez relationships, Ion Perez’s son and his biography to know about the Filipino actor better. 

Ion Perez Wife

The wife of Ion Perez is Vice Ganda. Vice Ganda and Ion Perez married in Las Vegas, Nevada in a wedding ceremony on October 19, 2021, and disclosed their wedding on February 13, 2022. You can follow the couple on Instagram to know well about their relationship throughout the years. Ion Perez has a tattoo on his left leg of the date “03.31.1976” which is the birthdate of Vice Ganda in July 2019.

 The couple is going to celebrate their sixth anniversary in 2024 if everything goes well in their relationship. The couple decides to have a baby through surrogacy in the future soon. In an interview, Vice shares about the need to set aside showbiz for a few months to focus on surrogacy. Read about Is Alan Bersten Gay now.

Ion Perez Relationships

Ion caught Vice’s attention in 2017 during Gandang Gabi Vice. The age gap between Ion Perez and Vice Ganda is 14 Years. They met again in 2018 during Ion’s stint as the “Kuya Escort” on Miss Q & A. Their families met in 2019, and they disclosed their relationship during Showtime’s 10th-anniversary celebration. Ion proposed Vice Ganda on February 21, 2020, in the presence of his friends and told his friends to remove the photos or videos. Ion Perez never wanted to make his relationship public. They shared the details about their marriage on February 16, 2021, during the It is Showtime episode.

There is no relationship between Ion Perez and Tyron Perez. Their surnames are similar, but they are not brothers. Tyron Perez was a Filipino actor and model born on August 6, 1985. Tyron Perez passed away on December 29, 2011, at the age of twenty-six. The cause of his death is suicide, and it shocked many fans and colleagues in the Philippine entertainment industry. 

There is no relationship between Ion Perez and Amy Perez. Similar surname of these celebrities does not mean they are siblings. Amy Perez-Castillo, also known as Tyang Amy, is a Filipino TV and radio presenter, entrepreneur, and occasional actress.

Ion Perez Son

Ion Perez, Mister Universe Tourism 2018, disclosed in an interview that he has a nine-year-old son, Mayroong. Perez mentioned that his son stays with the child’s mother, and he visits him with her permission. Despite infrequent visits, Perez emphasized that he is a responsible father who does not neglect his parental duties. Perez expressed that he would support his son’s decision on joining pageants in the future, hoping his achievements would make his son proud. The President of Mister Universe Tourism pageant, Dr. Jumel Bornilla, stated that Perez never eliminate due to his fatherhood, as he continues fulfilling his pageant duties. Ion Perez is also planning to have another child through surrogacy with his husband Vice Ganda.

Biography of Ion Perez

Ion Perez, born on November 27, 1990, is a Filipino actor, model, and television host. His parents worked as a jeepney driver and kakanin vendor. He faced bullying in youth due to lanky frame, motivated to get fit. Ion worked at his parents’ poultry shop and used shirtless marketing to attract customers. He is in a relationship with Jose Marie Viceral, real name of Vice Ganda. The height of Ion Perez is around 5’8″ and the body weight of around 170 lbs. The 31 years old star Born in Manila and Attended Tarlac State University.