Is Nathan Chen Gay? Complete Answered! Read it later

Nathan Chen Yale gained recognition after winning the first American Olympic gold medal in men’s single skating category in Beijing 2010. Chen’s flawless performance, featuring five quad jumps, secured a winning total score of 332.60. He is Three-time U.S. Junior Champion, won gold at the ISU Junior Grand Prix in 2013, and 2017-18 Grand Prix Final champion. He is the first Asian American man to win U.S., world, and Olympic titles in single skating. Started skating at age three after initially aspiring to be a hockey goalkeeper. So, Is Nathan Chen gay? Nathan Chen is not gay. He is a straight person who is attracted to women. The ex-girlfriend of Nathan Chen is Amber Glenn, an American U.S. national champion Figure Skater.

The rumor of Nathan Chen being gay spread on the internet due to his statement of being in a homosexual-dominated sport. In this read, Forbeso shares with you about Nathan Chen homophobic remarks, relationships, career, and marriage. Read about Call of Duty Gay Character now.

Nathan Chen Gay Statement

The statement of Nathan Chen is considered as Homophobia that he gives due to frustration of being a straight skater in homosexual dominated sport. He apologized later about his statement because people always ask questions from him about the reason to become a figure Skater. Hockey is associated with the masculine sports due to the involvement of hitting each other. Skating is associated with the feminine sports due to the involvement of body moves. Nathan Chen gets frustrated and announces that he is gay if that requires to become a professional Skater. Nathan Chen apologies about his statement and ends the idea of associating sports with masculinity or femininity. These perceptions develop an unsafe environment for athletes. Nathan Chen further mentions that this wrong statement can be harmful for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

He says that professional athletes spend their lives practicing their craft. Nathan explains that skaters practice the classical pieces, but skaters can also dance on different pop, hip hop, and ballet style movements. Skating is not just a sport but gives self-expression as an art. The apology was seen as a step in the right direction, but some suggest Chen can take further actions, such as reaching out to LGBTQ skaters and becoming a public voice for inclusion in figure skating.

Nathan Chen Relationship

The past relationship of Nathan Chen makes it clear that he never attracted towards men. The first girlfriend of Nathan Chen with Amber Glenn. The couple dated for one year and separated in 2017. Amber shared on social media that they spend Valentine’s Day together. Later in 2019, Amber Glenn came out as bisexual or pansexual. Nathan Chen also dated the Japanese figure Skater, Mai Mihara in 2017. Currently, Nathan Chen is single and dating nobody. He is not married to any women yet. Nathan continues his education in Yale University with majors in statistics and Data science.