Pixel 3xl Civilization Beyond Earth [Complete Explained] Read it later

The gaming on smartphones has become popular over time. Civilization is a popular strategy game that play online through worldwide competitors. It is a 4X game that allows empire building with real-time titles and allows different moves. Pixel 3xl Civilization Beyond Earth allows game players to set up their empire through colonizing space in the extraterrestrial world. The Pixel 3xl allows you to play civilization beyond Earth game with best performance. Pixel 3 XL impresses in benchmarks like AnTuTu and Geek bench, despite concerns about its 4GB RAM. Pixel 3 XL manages power-hungry games well, offering smooth gameplay with no overheating issues.

Civilization: Beyond Earth” is a turn-based strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. It released in October 2014 as a spiritual successor to the phenomenally successful “Civilization V.” The game takes the core gameplay mechanics of the Civilization series and fits it in an extraterrestrial setting in the future.

The Google Pixel 3 XL is a smartphone manufactured by Google. It is part of the Pixel series. It has high-quality cameras, stock Android experience, and integration with Google services. The Pixel 3 XL released in October 2018 as the smartphone of the Pixel 3. 

Set Up Civilization Beyond Earth on Pixel 3XL

You have to enable the game mode before setting up the Civilization Beyond Earth. We do not require third party applications to level up the gaming experience. You have to go to the settings, click on the notifications, click the do not disturb option, select the schedule option and then, allow the gaming mode. We have to select the gaming option and activate the Game Dashboard switch. Game Dashboard provides options of screenshot, gameplay recording, frame rate counter, and Do Not Disturb.

The game setup allows players to play for more time without any disturbance of unwanted notifications or application updates. It allows you to save up the battery of your google phone which gives you a chance to play for more time with ease. The gaming mode reduces the chances of lags and stutters that impact the visual performance of graphics. Lag is the delay of the given command and the user due to network latency. Stuttering is about the pause in the graphics smooth flow due to insufficient hardware resources, or software conflicts.

Installation of Civilization Beyond Earth in Pixel 3xl

We cannot install Civilization Beyond Earth from Google Play. Civilization Beyond Earth strategy game is supportable on the Windows, mac OS and SteamOS with Linux. The price to download this game from Steam is $29. 

 That does not mean that there is no possibility to play Civilization Beyond Earth on your google Pixel. You have to download a reliable application that can run Windows games on your smartphone. 

Download the Goldberg Emulator for Android version in your google Pixel 3xl for free. It Offers a new level of gaming platform access, ends the gameplay limitations. Users need to download BIOS and Data files from specified links. You require to move files to designated directories on the device for proper installation. After checking the complete installation and working of this application, we need to download Civilization Beyond Earth from reliable sources like Steam or Epic game store in your laptop or computer.

After downloading the complete game, it is time to transfer the game from your computer to the google pixel 3xl through data cable or file sharing applications like shareit. Check and confirm the complete installation of the game in your smartphone. The small error in data sharing can corrupt the whole game transfer. We have to run the game through using the Goldberg Emulator application that creates the windows environment on your smartphone for Civilization Beyond Earth. 

Pixel 3XL performance expectations

You can get the proper experience while playing the Civilization Beyond Earth, but it is necessary to know the gaming performance of your google pixel 3xl. Pixel 3 XL has Snapdragon 845, underclocked CPU, and 4GB RAM. The Benchmarks show good AnTuTu and Geek bench scores but some concerns about RAM capacity.  Pixel 3 XL manages power-hungry games without heating issues. Pixel 3 XL has 3D Graphics, emphasizing potential prioritization of graphics over processing speed. This smartphone has a 6.3-inch Quad HD OLED display with a 2,960-by-1,440 resolution. Pixel 3 XL has a 3,430mAh battery lasting 8 hours, 10 minutes while playing games. The google Pixel 3xl has no 3.5mm headphone jack or expandable memory which is quite challenging for headphone user gamers or downloading multiple games, respectively. 

Civilization Beyond Earth Game Experience

The game brings Customizable civilizations at the start, departing from historical empires. Unique futuristic setting using the Civ V engine, with no stacking units and hexes. We get Seven alien species, starting simple and becoming more advanced later.

The human requires to leave the Earth due to the event named as “The great mistake” in the year 2210. The Great Mistake is a mysterious event, open to player interpretation. The game events unfold after typical Civ games, exploring progress, and challenges.

Players have to choose from eight expedition sponsors, each with unique leaders and gameplay benefits, affecting starting conditions on the new planet. There are Nonlinear choices in technology advancement impacting mankind’s development. We can build and deploy advanced satellites for strategic offensive, defensive, and support capabilities from orbit. The players can unlock upgrades through the tech web and customize units according to play style. There is a Robust mod support that allows customization and extension of the game experience.