Saudi Arabia participating for the First Time in Miss Universe Debut 2024 Read it later

Beauty pageants is an event that focuses on women’s physical looks and inner qualities like personality, intelligence, and talent. Major international beauty pageants for women include Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth. Several countries have achieved notable successes in the Big Four pageants, with Brazil, Venezuela, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and the United States among the most prominent winners. A model and content creator from Saudi Arabia named Rumy Alqahtani was selected to participate in the Miss Universe Debut. It is historical for Islamic nations because no women ever participate in Miss Universe Debut from Saudia Arab.

Rumy Al-Qahtani has already participated in the Miss & Mrs Global Asian beauty pageant held in Malaysia this year. The Saudi model became famous as she won the Miss Global Asian 2024. You can explore Rumy Al-Qahtani’s Instagram account to see her interests. The 27-year-old model has around 1 Million followers on Instagram. Rumy Al-Qahtani has a bachelor degree in Dentistry. She is fluent in speaking Arabic, French, and English.

Rumy Alqahtani announces through Instagram about her participation in Miss Universe. The Miss Universe 2024 pageant starts from Saturday, September 28, 2024. There has still not been an need to be an announcement about the disclosure of the location of the Miss Universe event. 

She wears a beautiful strapless dress with the Saudi Arabian flag and appears confident about participating. Fans congratulated them and wished her good luck in the competition.

Rumy Alqahtani has already won different beauty pageant titles, including Miss Saudi Arabia, Miss Arab Peace, Miss Woman, Miss Europe, Miss Planet, Miss Middle East, Miss Arab Unity and Miss Asia. 

Beauty Pageant 

Miss Europe originated in 1927 by Fanamet as a one-time event for a film role. The event has varied locations across Europe and beyond. Miss Planet is a movement dedicated to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to Save our Planet and Save Humanity. The event aims to empower young women as role models who inspire others. Miss Asia International aims to promote gender equality and economic participation. It offers guidance for businesses on empowering women in different fields. 

Miss Arab Unity offers a platform for young Arab women worldwide to showcase beauty, talent, and cultural pride. It allows contestants to connect and promote association among Arab women. It values inner beauty, intelligence, and social responsibility alongside physical appearance.