Sydney Small Business Advice: Where to Invest Your Marketing Budget This Year Read it later

Where exactly will you get the best ROI for your marketing budget? Is it in the shirts with custom embroidery Sydney companies often use to distinguish their team and show off their sense of professionalism. Or is it more important to go digital and boost your SEO?

Ideally, you do need a multi-medium approach, but even focusing on just one of the following will be money well spent, which is good news for small businesses with limited budgets. In this read, we share Sydney Small Business Advice to set your marketing budget.

Your Brand—Creating Your Look and Feel

It is worth spending some money on creating an iconic logo that works with your chosen brand colours. You’ll be using it on branded items—from letterheads to company cars—for years to come, so make sure your brand-look impresses once people start noticing you.

Professionals know how to use the power of colour optimally, even in a logo. Also, they use their expertise to design something memorable that gets you noticed and ensures you stand out from the crowd. This will already benefit your other marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing—Always a Must

In the modern environment no business—no matter the industry—should ignore digital marketing. It’s the go-to medium most of your target audience will use to find out more about you, so you should ensure you make a good impression there.

All of the following should at least be incorporated in some manner:

  • Search engine optimisation: To help you rise in Google rankings and get discovered easier by customers browsing online.
  • Social media posts: Many demographics frequent social media platforms. You’ll draw many leads simply by creating business profiles and staying active by sharing relevant content. Indeed, utilizing an ad creator can significantly enhance your social media presence by designing captivating and relevant advertisements tailored to your target audience.
  • Email marketing: It’s the efficient, affordable and direct way to stay connected with an audience and remind them of your brand with regular product or service updates.
  • Website improvements: If you make your web pages informative and add striking visual content, it instantly impresses visitors.

Professional Look—Turn Employees into Ambassadors

Of course, it’s not only about what people see online—what you present to them in person will also matter. This relates to clients but also suppliers or potential partners and investors that come to your premises. People will have a first impression of you, your office or store and your team, that can affect whether they like and support your brand going forward.

So, what exactly are you communicating at the moment?

For your workplace you must implement neatness and hygiene and of course offer products that look great. But also help your audience trust your team by making employees look professional. With logo embroidered polo shirts or caps, they’ll be easily distinguishable from others on the property and the unified look will impress visitors and customers.

Yes, this does require some capital investment, but the message it sends your audience is valuable.

Local Impact—Community Networking and Events

Although many companies cater to a global audience, you may still need the support of your local community to build your business.

For locals to get to know and trust you, get involved with local events, such as a charity day to showcase your concern for your neighbourhood. This is smart marketing because many consumers prefer supporting vendors that they feel a connection with. If they care for a local charity that you also support, they’re likely to consider you the next time they need your type of services or products.

Networking with other businesses can also boost your reputation in the area. If there are small business forums or co-working spaces where you can meet local company owners, it’s worth the time, money and effort to join.

Word of Mouth—Get Those Reviews

Few things are as valuable for companies as word of mouth!

Customers love using their peers’ input to decide which brands are worth supporting, so make sure you have a few positive reviews on your website and Google My Business profile. For startups it may require spending some money doing online polls to get feedback or giving a few of your products to locals so they can try it out and write reviews. This can be the start of gaining momentum in terms of sales!

Upskill Yourself—Marketing Courses for You and the Team

You’re running a business at a time in history where advertising requirements change often. Each year there are new trends that can give you the edge over the competition. By doing the occasional marketing course or webinar you can stay informed of changes in digital marketing techniques and other advertising strategies.

Final Thought

This comprehensive list will give you the best possible chance of establishing your brand and scaling your business in the coming months. However, each industry and niche is unique, so analysing outcomes is vital. You must monitor your campaigns’ impact and make improvements if necessary.

For this reason, it’s also smart to put money aside to help you measure the efficiency of your advertising. You can track website traffic, analyse customer reviews and calculate cost per lead.

For long term success of your company, get peace of mind that your marketing is benefiting you, so you know you’re not throwing money in the water.