The Geek The Goth and the Tomboy [2024] Read it later

People in this world have different interests that impact their personalities. Different TV shows share the diverse nature of human beings through unique stories. People from diverse backgrounds can interact with each other and form unique connections. You can take inspiration from their unique styles and preferences of looks. The Geek the Goth and the Tomboy is a story of three people of different background who form a strong bond. The Geek is knowledgeable about specific topics associated with digital technology. The Goth prefers the taboo things because they feel different from society. Tomboy is a woman with masculine traits and prefers to wear feminine clothes. In this blog post, Forbeso shares the complete guide about the geek, the goth and the tomboy. 

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The Geek Personality

Geeks form best communities with like-minded individuals and leave those who want to keep their enthusiasm private. They communicate using specialized language and expect others to understand their jargon. It reinforces their separation from mainstream culture. Geeks are socially awkward and isolated due to less empathy for those outside their niche. Geeks easily lose track of time when immersed in their passions. It leads to addictive behaviors, particularly evident in gaming.

Geeks constantly seek knowledge and go to the forefront of their interests. They are the first to know and share news within their community. The Geeks develop preferences within their passions, go deeper into specific areas, and lead to debates and competitions within their community. Geeks have a proper loyalty and emotional attachment to their interests. Their dedication is never just intellectual but also emotional. It is making their passions integral to their identity. Their pride is in understanding niche topics that can impact their relationships with non-geeks. 

The geeks have a unique fashion style that combines geeky and intellectual elements with trendy styles. Geeks prefer to look unique and different from other traditional styles. Geek chic is the term used for combining geek and fashionable elements. Accessories like bow ties, suspenders, funky socks, and statement jewelry are essential in Geek fashion. Geek fashion brings body positivity, welcoming individuals of all genders, body types, and sizes. Geeks take inspiration for their interests from different fictional characters or real-life scientists. The famous geek fiction characters are Egon Spengler from the Ghostbusters Franchise, Dr. Emmett Brown from the Back to the Future Franchise and Spock from the Star Wars Franchise. The real-life geeks that impact this world are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steven Paul Jobs. 

Goth Personality

Goth subculture started in the UK in the early 1980s and centered around gothic rock music. It has spread worldwide and brings diverse music, fashion, and aesthetic tastes. Goth subculture has romanticism, realism, and cynicism. They appreciate the beauty in horrific things and value justice, affection, and modern liberalism. Gath can be anyone from a different ethnicity like Black, White or Latin. They are peaceful and open-minded, with a dark sense of humor. The black clothing is the representation of the Goth style. Goth fashion evolves, and the preference for colors changes within the community. Goths express themselves through diverse fashion choices.

Goth fashion draws influences from various periods, including Victorian and punk styles, characterized by dark attire and makeup. Gothic rock emerged as a subgenre of post-punk, with bands like Bauhaus and Joy Division pioneering the sound. Gothic literature and art have played significant roles in shaping the aesthetics and themes of the goth scene. Goth icons include musicians like Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith, who have influenced fashion and style within the subculture. Goths are against violence and hate and support freedom of speech and religion. Makeup is crucial in a gothic lifestyle that values dramatic eye looks and subtle complexion enhancements. Gothic fashion offers flexibility for personalization and extends beyond traditional norms.

Goth culture never has a specific religion or faith. It involves a fascination with religious and spiritual matters, often leading to atheism. Goths have a personalized belief system, blending elements of pagan, nature-based, occult, and sometimes Christian influences. A minority of goths openly practice Christianity. Religious symbols like crosses and pentagram wear as fashion statements rather than indicators of genuine religious affiliation. The famous fictional characters for inspiration are Raven from DC Comics and Wednesday Addams from Addams Family. 

The Tomboy Personality

Tomboy is a girl or young woman with masculine traits like wearing masculine clothes or engaging in physical sports. Some tomboys identify as LGBTQ+ and reject the traditional norms of being a girl. The term originated from the compound “tom” and “boy”, initially used to describe rude or bold boys before evolving into its current meaning of girls with boyish behaviors.

In the 19th Century, girls engaged in traditionally masculine activities due to economic instability. In the American Civil War, Women chose masculine roles in the absence of men, developing tomboyism. A Tomboy person can be queer or not. The gender of a tomboy person has no concern with their sexual preferences. 

You can find special brands and different stylists with expertise in Tomboy aesthetics. The tomboy-style essentials include Trousers, Shirts, Sweaters, T-shirts, Jeans and Dresses. You have different choices for accessories like hats, neck chains or Viking bracelets. Tomboy clothing is easily available due to gender-neutral brands like TomboyX, Older Brother, One DNA, and Wildfang. Tomboy is classified into different categories. Butch Tomboys consider as more masculine and less feminine traits. They may hate traditional feminine things like pink dresses. 

Effeminate Tomboys have enough masculine traits with feminine qualities. They are not girly and do not fit perfectly with traditional femininity. 

We can take inspiration from the different Tomboy celebrities Kristen Jaymes Stewart, Ellen Degeneres and Ruby Rose. The life stories of those celebrities are really helpful for inspiration of the Tomboyish lifestyle. The popular fictional Tomboy characters are Maggie Fitzgerald from Million Dollar Baby, Mikaela Banes from Transformer Franchise, Terry Griffith from Just One of the Guys and Hayley Stark from Hard Candy. 

In conclusion, The Geek The Goth and The Tomboy are the best subcultures to explore people with diverse lifestyle, interests and world view.