What are White Ink Tattoos? Complete Answered! Read it later

At Forbeso, we share about the tattoos of black ink, but your tattoos can be from any color. You can choose the tattoo ink color according to your skin color. The white inked tattoo became popular due to its unique appearance and styling option over the existing black tattoo. The light color skin tattoo like white colored skin tattoo is less visible and glows after observing the ultraviolet light. So, what are White Inked Tattoos? The white inked tattoos are entirely made from white ink that looks invisible and minimalistic. White inked tattoos look better on darker skin compared to white skin due to less appearance of discoloration. The success of a white inked tattoo depends on the individual skin reactions. The white tattoos are visibly present under your skin color and that highlight the skin’s upper layer.

Different celebrities experiment with white inked tattoos like Rihanna, Shay Mitchell, and Ellie Goulding. The famous barbarian singer, Rihanna, has a semi-permanent white tattoo around her knuckles written “Thug life” to tribute the rapper Tupac Shakur. Another famous Canadian actress named Shay Mitchell, has an infinity tattoo with written world love that is on her left wrist. The famous English singer, Ellie Goulding, got a white Arrow tattoo on her right index finger in 2013. 

In this article, we share the things you need to know before getting your first white ink tattoo and recommendation of different white tattoo ideas. Read about Iban Tattoo Meaning and Different Types with Context.

White Ink tattoo on Dark Skin

White ink tattoos on dark skin people are more visible due to the color of the white pigments but white tattoos look minimal on white skin. The white ink tattoos are prominent and look unique on dark skin, but they fade after the healing process. The tattoo artists do not recommend the white tattoos on the dark skin due to fast fading. 

If you like to get a subtle look, then a white tattoo is the best option. The white tattoo fades faster on white skin and becomes a permanent scar according to your skin. The Translucent nature of tattoo ink makes the darker color more visible. So, natural skin color and other tattoo colors become more popular than white tattoos. It is not possible to make the white tattoo more prominent over the black tattoo that eventually turns gray. The whiteout tattooing requires thicker white pigments with multiple repetitions of design. You can ask the tattoo artist about the results of white tattoos healed on different skin tones. 

The white inked tattoo gets a scar on the pale skin. White inked tattoos raised above the skin like black or other colored tattoos. The white ink makes the scar tissue above it while the black ink hides the scar. 

The selection of the right white ink according to your requirement has a significant impact on the quality of your tattoo. You must choose the opacity of the tattoo ink that should not be unnatural for your skin. Greenish or yellow undertones are not the best for dark skin, you must choose the blue or violet undertone of tattoo ink to get a bright tattoo. The price of white tattoo ink is more expensive than the traditional black tattoo ink. Compare the prices and quality of white tattoo ink brands. 

White tattoo Ink Pigments

The white ink uses to lighten the other colors or add highlights in other color tattoos. The composition of white tattoo ink consists of titanium dioxide TiO2, Magnesium oxide MgO and lead carbonate PbCO3. Titanium dioxide uses the most common white pigment due to its opaque nature. TiO2 is used in the industries of food, paints, and electronics. The white inked tattoo combines with other colors to get a brighter look. TiO2 reflects light on the pigment particles that brings a brightening effect. So, why are the white inked tattoos not bright? The white ink tattoos are not bright because the white tattoo ink alone has different working. The transparent and reflecting particles become opaque that become noticeable for bigger tattoos. 

White Inked tattoo Ideas

The celebrities that have white ink tattoos are smaller in size. The sleeve white tattoos are also popular because of their visibility and the small size option. You can combine the white tattoo with other colors like black, blue or red. The negative tattoo is the style that is black with negative space design. You can use white tattoo ink to highlight or create a design. The white tattoos are less visible means you have the option to hide it with ease. We can choose to write quotes, nature inspired designs or small patterns on your fingers. The constellation white tattoos look great because they are bright and present the secret message.