What is Sol in Raised by Wolves? Complete Answer! Read it later

Mithra is mythological Iranian God associates with the Roman Sol Invictus. So, What is Sol in Raised by Wolves? Sol is the representation of the sun and worship in Mithraism. In “Raised by Wolves,” the Mithraic worships a god named Sol. The term “sol” for the sun originates from Proto-Indo-European and appears in different languages. Mithraism is a monotheistic religion that worships Mithra. Mithra is the Iranian God of the sun, justice, and war during the 2nd or 3rd centuries—Sol’s worship links with other solar deities across Indo-European cultures, such as Surya and Helios.

Atheism is the lack of belief in God, not the disbelief or denial of God. It isn’t a religion, but it has the protection of the same constitutional rights as religions. Agnosticism is distinct from atheism because atheism concerns belief, while agnosticism pertains to knowledge.

Quick Recap

The Raised by Wolves series starts after the religious war between atheists and Mithraics. Mother Android and Father Andriod are sent to a new planet, Kepler-22b, by an atheistic android architect. Mother and Father are responsible for raising human children on the new planet through atheistic beliefs. The arrival of the Mithraic complicates their efforts. The androids struggle to maintain control over their children’s beliefs due to the influence of Mithraic. 

Exciting events to change beliefs

Tarot cards found in Season 1, Episode 9 associate with devil cults. It indicates Mithraic disdain for them. Cave paintings and tarot cards depict the pentagonal prophecy. It is manipulation by the Soul to control events. The Soul’s manipulative role is associated with Satan in Christianity. Certain voices impact the actions of characters. 

Raised by Wolves, Mithraic Explained

The “Mithraic” faction worships a deity named Sol, which combines the ancient God Mithras and the sun god Sol Invictus. The Mithraic characters in the show wear sun emblems and pendants that symbolize their devotion to the Sol. The creators chose Mithraism as the basis for the futuristic religion to draw parallels with Christianity, inspired by inspired by catholicism. We can experience the belief systems of humans from the past in the new world of Kepler-22 b with high technology. Read about What is a Necromancer in Raised By Wolves now.