Why Eyewear Is the Perfect Menswear Accessory Read it later

From adding a touch of mystery to exuding sophistication, eyewear has become an indispensable fashion accessory for men across the globe. Countless celebrities have embraced this trend, effortlessly incorporating eyewear into their signature looks. As we covered in our previous post titled ‘Effortless Gent an Honest Approach to Personal Style’, accessories are essential points of your outfit, allowing you to add uniqueness and creativity to your style. Consider the effortlessly cool style of Johnny Depp, known for his eclectic collection of eyeglasses. His choice of eyewear always complements his enigmatic persona, adding to his allure. Read on to find out how you, too, can take your fashion style to the next level by learning how to accessorize with eyewear. 

Eyewear: No longer a utility but a fashion accessory

Eyewear used to be just utilitarian – eyeglasses for vision correction and sunglasses for sun protection. Recently, however, the line between utility and fashion has blurred, and more people have been using eyewear to express their personal style. Take the Aviator sunglasses famously worn by Tom Cruise in the Top Gun franchise, for example. Aviators were invented in the 1930s, specifically crafted for army pilots needing eye protection from the sun’s glare while flying. But after Tom Cruise wore them in the movies, sales of Ray-Ban’s Aviator sunglasses grew by 40 percent, with many wanting to emulate Cruise’s rugged military look. More brands have caught up and now offer a plethora of eyewear silhouettes that lend well to all kinds of tastes. So, to help you enhance your personal wardrobe, below are a few fashion aesthetics and the eyewear styles best suited for them. 

Cool and classic 

For men who often reach for timeless staples like blue denim jeans and plain white t-shirts and opt to keep much of their outfits simple and comfortable, eyewear in classic shapes is ideal. Models like Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer, Caravan, or Boyfriend frames are all good options since these styles are versatile and pair well with different outfits, whether casual or formal. However, if you want eyewear that stands out a bit more, go for the same silhouettes in Ray-Ban’s Reverse collection. Sunglasses from this collection feature concave rather than convex lenses, following the natural contours of the cheekbone to ensure a perfect fit for every face shape. They’re also made of eco-conscious bio-based nylon lenses that are better for the environment.

Sporty and athletic

If you spend much of your time in the outdoors, exploring nature or engaging in various sports, you’ll need eyewear that can keep up. Made with optimal performance and athleticism in mind, Oakley glasses use the best materials to deliver visual clarity. Sporty styles like the Oakley 0OX8113 and 0OX8061 are scratch-resistant and designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, making them an excellent choice for those seeking both fashion and functionality. Plus, the use of O-Matter makes these glasses durable, flexible, and sweat-resistant. The brand also offers impact protection, safety against UV rays, and switch lock technology.

Understated elegance

This aesthetic is characterized by minimalism and an emphasis on investment in premium-quality pieces that will never go out of style. Your sense of fashion fits this category if you shy away from clothes and accessories emblazoned with huge logos and instead prefer pieces made with utmost craftsmanship. Pedro Pascal is an excellent example of this, specifically, the look he wore to the 2023 premiere of The Last of Us, where he donned a monochromatic outfit finished with sleek, black eyeglasses. Cop his look by choosing specs like the DG3352 from Dolce & Gabbana, which features polished black acetate frames in a flattering rectangle shape, offering a sophisticated and modern look.

No longer confined to function alone, eyewear has emerged as a versatile and essential accessory that allows men to express their individuality, enhance their outfits, and exude confidence with every glance. Find your perfect pair and take your outfits to the next level.