Why is the UAE so successful? Read it later

UAE is the most important and popular countries that has 7 states. It has historical, religious and tourist-based importance. Recently, It offers tax benefits for new businesses and value diversity. The read shares the about Why is the UAE so successful, with important factors. We can take benefit from the situation and take it as opportunity.   

Economic Growth

The main reason that seven states work together is due to economic benefits. The states welcome foreigners to visit, work and do business. Abu Dhabi is the richest city of the seven states. The GDP of UAE will improve by 3% in 2023, compared to 7.6% growth in 2022.

Major Exports

The UAE produces around 3,200,000 million crude oil barrels daily, making it one of the top 10 oil producers. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is a leading company that focus on renewable energy resources to support clean energy. We can see the construction sector boom due to megaprojects that spread throughout the country. The government pushes the construction sector with policies for foreigners like us to come. The real estate industry boomed throughout the country, especially in famous cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It allows new businesses like tourist companies or world-famous brands to grow their business location. 


We can say UAE market is the best luxurious spot in the middle east it gives us diverse restaurants, hotels and events. UAE ranks 12th as the world’s most visited place. Trip Advisor’s report of 2023 mentions Dubai as the most visited destination in the world. You can take tourist visa for simple, fast, easy, with special discounts. The hotels grow in numbers and themes that brings something exciting for us. It has set a record in attracting tourists numbers over the years. Dubai City brings 14.36 million international overnight visitors, which makes a record for visitors. 


The UAE has diversity in workplace, lifestyle and promotes on the country level. You can not feel isolated as a person because people from every background come and work in UAE. The country welcomes actors, singers, sports person and celebrities worldwide. Anyone from different religions, races and cultures can start his business in UAE. It allows UAE to attract the best entrepreneurs for business. You can learn about every country’s culture through the UAE’s restaurants, theater and art. 

Youth Empowerment

The success of every country depends on youth empowerment and interests. The UAE values youth and has a young female minister of Youth, Shamma bint Suhail. It provides world-class education and world-class sports, and special youth events. You can check about the latest youth events of the federal youth authority on the official website. It includes opening new libraries, holding workshops, disease awareness and learning skills.

Mega Projects

Burj Khalifa is the beginning of a future megaproject of UAE that is about to create a futuristic city. Masdar City is a futuristic city project designed to be a sustainable and eco-friendly urban development. It faces environmental challenges and the need for creative urban planning and energy consumption solutions. Through Abu Dhabi government aid, the city develops the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) to become one of the world’s most sustainable urban areas. It is one of the main reason about Why is the UAE so successful.