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The body modification is about the change in the human body to change its natural appearance. In this read, we share about body modification definition and examples. Body modification is performed due to some cultural pressure or mostly with the willingness of the person. The body changes due to body modification remains permanent. The “body” is the physical structure of any organism like animals, plants, or humans. It is mass and has three dimensions. The body has various parts that can be neck, head, feet, or hand. The “modification” is about changing something different from the actual state or present state. Modification can be an improvement or deterioration. It can happen on tangible or intangible things. Read about Small Dove Tattoos for Guys now.

Body Modification Examples

Body modification is taboo for most societies, but it becomes acceptable for a certain level in every society. It has the significance of self-expression, cultural association, spiritual journey, and self-identity of the person.

Tattoos and piercing are the common examples body modification practice that we can find in most societies. Body jewelry is also common because it is temporary and can be changed with other ones. Body painting is another type in which the artwork is painted on human skin. The body pain is temporary for a few hours to some days.

Surgical body implants are a type of body modification that can change your human body structure. You can get horns implant to the extreme cheek bone implant. Extreme body modification is an unconventional body transformation that can be dangerous. Extreme body modification includes scarification, foot or skull bindings and tongue splitting.

We can get full body modification that involves multiple procedures that can even change the natural human anatomy to a certain level. The cosmetic surgeries also consider body modification that may include rhinoplasty, Butt lifts or fillers. Hair modification is also a type of body modification that includes cutting, changing hair color or using fake hairs.

In conclusion, body modification definition and examples is about turning your body appearance to look better or different from the previous one.