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As a passionate reader, I love fantasy light novels because they give me the reason to think out of the box. In this read, I share with you the details of the City of Witches novel, its plot, characters, and author, with all the necessary information you need to know. Fantasy novels have unique stories and the unique adventure of every character that you may love.

Overview of “City of Witches” Novel

The novel get attention for fantasy readers who love to read a unique harem romance. You get the attractive male in relationship with different witches. I read the story which is about a man is under witches control and capture in a secret city full of beautiful witches due to plane crash in the fantasy land. You get awareness about unique spell techniques and witches’ hidden world, with unique fantasy elements and survival action scenes. You can read this novel in Korean and English, with the English version translated by Wilted Flower. It has categorized as an adult action novel with humor, fantasy, adventure, and thrill. Below, I share the screenshots of the paragraphs that I enjoy the most.

City of Witches Novel
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The plot of Novel

The plot of “City of Witches” relates with every reader because the story tells with different point of views. You can understand the difficulties of the man as survival and the responsibilities of witches to capture him.

Five years later, the man becomes the only male witch in the world beacuse of his survival tricks and desire to escape. He tries his best to break the spell of the witches and come back to save his family. The witches use him as a gateway to destroy the world.

City of Witches Korean novel

The novel “City Of Witches 마녀의 도시” has become popular among readers of action, adult, ecchi, fantasy, harem, and romance genres. The light novel was written by Wilted Flower and 섦게지는꽃 and was first released in 2021 in Korean. The novel has received a high score of 9, and it is still ongoing.

City of Witches is available in Korean and English, with the English version translated by Wilted Flower. The novel is also available for online reading on various websites.

The story revolves around a genius mathematician named Shin Siwoo. He is being discharged from the army at the age of 28 and faces an unfortunate event of a plane crash that takes him to a secret city on modern Earth. The city is ruled by witches, and the protagonist is trapped there.

City of witches korean novel
witches city novel

Characters of Novel

The characters in “City of Witches” are well-develop and are crucial to make the plot exciting. The protagonist is a man who captures in the secret city of witches. At first, he seem open towards the diversity of the witches land. Later, he realize the tricks of beautiful witches to kill him. Readers will find themselves rooting for him throughout the novel.

Other important characters in the novel include the witches who enslaved the protagonist. The other witches in the city and various supporting characters help the protagonist on his journey.

City of Witches Novel Complete Summary

Below, we summarize the City of Witches Novel in a proper  way;

City of Witches Chapter 1

Shin Si-woo, a slave, struggles with the cold rain and demands physical labor. He rebels internally against the system that controls him. He wears a raincoat that carries a musty smell and recalls memories of military service. Si-woo clears a drainage blockage in the Trinity Academy’s Magic Library. Amelia Marigold, a witch, approaches Si-woo and talks about his messy work. “Keeper” is the respectful title given to Si-woo by the academy members. Si-woo learns about a class on male body fluids and magic.

Amelia hints knows about her attraction to Si-woo. She is a really beautiful and smart witch. Amelia offers Si-woo a chance to change his life after five years of slavery. Si-woo declines Amelia’s offer with a sense of pride and walks away in the rain.

Si-woo is a slave in Gehenna, a city of Witches. Witches in Gehenna have control of immortality and magic powers and often fight for small issues. We know about Takasho, Si-woo’s friend, who is a fellow slave and has relations with Witches for privileges. Si-woo and Takasho bring to Gehenna from Earth and are slaves to the City Hall. Si-woo has served five years as a slave, while Takasho enjoys conveniences due to his relations with Witches. Takasho suggests Si-woo should value his situation for a better life. Amelia shows interest in Si-woo and Takasho encourages Si-woo to pursue her.

We can see Si-woo refuses to compromise his dignity, despite Takasho’s advice. Si-woo is assigned to assist Associate Professor Amelia and feels conflicted about it. Si-woo and Takasho have different attitudes towards Witches and their privileges. Takasho leaves to attend to another Witch, leaving Si-woo to prepare to meet Amelia. Si-woo is also worried about being late for his meeting with Associate Professor Amelia.

Chapter 2

In this chapter, you can know about Si-woo apologizes for being late to Amelia, his mistress. Melia scolds Si-woo and assigns him extra work due to his lateness. Si-woo is overworked and stressed, now with an additional burden of overtime cleaning. Amelia’s magical abilities allow her to perform tasks quickly, contrasting with Si-woo’s limitations. Si-woo wants to resist but doesn’t due to fear of consequences. Si-woo watches Amelia’s back and has conflicting feelings.

Amelia instructs Si-woo to sit and prepares for class. Amelia teaches at Trinity Academy and is a noble witch of high rank. The new characters appear at this point of the story, Twin Apprentice Witches, Odette and Odil, showing excitement and innocence. The twins exhibit identical appearances and voices but have a creepy, dangerous side. Amelia’s status as an Associate Professor grants her authority over the twins. Amelia plans a class involving men’s body fluids and magic theory. Si-woo is caught in a difficult situation and he wants to escape the city.

Amelia, a witch, corrects assignments for apprentice witches Si-woo, Odil, and Odette.  Amelia uses a red quill pen with rubies to correct assignments rapidly. The twins notice Amelia’s speed and shift their attention to her. The Apprentice Witches obsess with magic, aspiring to reach the level of the Witch of Creation. The Witch of Creation can create something from nothing, that appears to us god-like. Witches have eternal life after receiving Brands, but not all achieve unlimited progress. Some Witches get unaware of the situation and keep failing over centuries. Stubborn Witches eventually accept they can’t match the Witch of Creation’s achievements.

Chapter 3

The city of Witches decides to pass on research across generations through the Witch’s Brand. Apprentice Witches like Odil and Odette continue research in the next generation. Witches value magic over their own lives, using them as tools for magic. Amelia finishes correcting assignments and emphasizes flexible thinking in magic. She encourages questioning and reflection on her corrections. Amelia is a strict but flexible teacher who values alternative viewpoints. The twins, despite their talent, check their corrected assignments. Twins witches compare the number of corrections, with Odette winning. Amelia interrupts their argument and quiets them down. Amelia starts class with a question about men possessing magic powers.

The twins believe only women can be witches due to the Brand. Amelia explains men can generate magic power but can’t bear the Brand. The witch’s class ask questions about the connection between gender and magical abilities. Amelia introduces the idea of researching the correlation between men’s fluids and magic power. Si-woo is asked to undress for the research which makes him embarrassed. Si-woo is treated as a training aid in a special education class for twins who will become Witches. Si-woo’s body is used to demonstrate the relationship between magical power generation and ejaculation. The twins, despite having seen it before, are curious about Si-woo’s naked body.

We know about Si-woo’s body is hairless due to the teaching requirements. Amelia draws a magic circle using expensive Magic Chalk on a chalkboard to detect magical power generation. Si-woo is instructed to ejaculate in front of the class to generate magical power. The twins express eagerness to participate in the experiment. Amelia surprises Si-woo by demonstrating his body through an unknown emotion in her gaze.

Chapter 4

Si-woo undergoes an experiment to generate magic power through stimulation through Amelia’s hand. Si-woo’s internal conflict arises from the discomfort of receiving stimulation from someone he doesn’t like. Amelia demonstrates the connection between arousal and magic power generation to the class. Si-woo’s humiliation and embarrassment are mixed with the pleasure he feels during the experiment.

Amelia manipulates the situation to tease Si-woo and highlight his arousal in front of others. Si-woo eventually ejaculates and generates magic power, observed by Amelia and the twins. Amelia maintains a sense of superiority over Si-woo’s vulnerability. Afterward, Si-woo realize his situation, desires to escape the magical city, and engages in magical studies. Si-woo’s daily routine includes cleaning the library and Amelia’s research laboratory. Si-woo’s ultimate goal is to escape the magical world and return to modern society using magic.

Chapter 5

Amelia’s research building is large despite her not holding a high academic position, likely due to her noble status. Amelia’s lab contains a mix of magical items, alchemical equipment, and occult aesthetics. Amelia uses magic to instantly tidy up the lab, impressing Si-woo with her proficiency. Si-woo declines a cigarette offered by Amelia due to his enslaved status. Si-woo is offered cake by Amelia, a rare luxury for him in Gehenna where sweet foods are expensive. He surprises due to Amelia’s sudden kindness and change in behaviour.

Chapter 6

Amelia questions Si-woo about cake ingredients, highlighting the power dynamics between witches and non-witch citizens. Amelia warns Si-woo that his actions lead him to dismiss his upcoming assignment. Si-woo understand Amelia’s intentions and discusses the situation with Takasho. Si-woo questions whether Amelia’s concern is genuine, as witches are privileged in the city. Takasho shows concern to hear about Si-woo’s encounter with Amelia.

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Author of Novel

The author of “City of Witches” is Gary Nei. You can purchase the novel online through amazon and read the reviews of readers about this fantasy book. Nei has a unique writing style that delivers fantasy, adventure, and suspense. His novels have unexpected twists and turns. Nei has written several other novels, including “Internal Conflicts” and “The American Vintage”.

City of witches Wuxiaworld

Wuxiaworld is the best free platform for us to read the best online novels for free. You can read reviews about the City of Witches story, plotline and magic system. 

Genesis novel Translations is another platform to read the novel in the English language. The book is officially a Korean Language novel. You can also get a City of Witches pdf copy from the internet. If you do not find it, you can order it through Amazon or make your personal book notes. You can also read it through a Novel Up mobile app that is free to download. 

City of Witches illustration 

Witches city illustration
Witch city illustration
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City of Witches Novel Survey 2024

We do the city of witches survey on novelupdates platform and share our findings in the table below.

City of Witches Novel ReviewAudience in SupportCity of Witches Novel view Reasoning
Recommended6 CommentsGreat characters, Strong female lead, great translated version, Engaging waifus, imaginative feel.
Neutral Views5 CommentsHero acts opposite of past, structure lack, Defensive main lead, Less fight, adult scenes.
Who is the character in The City of Witches?

The character in the City of Witches is Amelia Marigold, Shin Siwoo and Twin sisters named Odette and Odil

What is the name of the boy in the witches?

The name of the boy in the witches city is Shin Siwoo. He is 28 years old, handsome and has black eyes

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