Why is it called Raised By Wolves? Complete Answered! Read it later

Raised by Wolves is an English idiom that describes a socially inept or awkward person. The Raised by Wolves combines Persian mythology and the old testament bible uniquely. The series starts in a post-apocalyptic world after the war between Religion and atheism. So, Why is it called Raised by Wolves? It is called raised by wolves because the Androids nurture the human kids. Artificial beings can understand human behavior and define good or evil. Religion still exists, and even the possibility of space travel limits technology usage. Atheism fails to understand Religion and vice versa. Religious beliefs have a significant impact on the Atheistic society of Androids. 

An atheist person programmed the Necromancer Androids to raise a human colony in Kepler 22b with atheism. The mother Necromancer grows an embryo into a baby artificially. All of the kids die due to accidents except a single boy named Campian. The Android mother starts feeling emotions and becomes involved in Sol’s manipulation. Mithraic believers see the campaign as the new Prophet of their Religion. The Android mother sees a 12-year-old boy, Campian, as the new founder of the atheist society in Kepler 22b. 

Limitations of Belief System

Every belief has a unique impact on our decisions. Raised by the Wolves series shares the limitations of different human beliefs. The Mithraics do not want the Androids to raise the kids according to the Atheistic belief system. Mithraic set a plan to kill the Androids. When the leader of Mithraic is about to destroy Android, he listens to a voice so as not to kill the mother. He does not kill the mother and make her a prisoner. Likewise, the Android mother listens to voices to protect her creature child. To understand its name, we can associate the Raised by the Wolves series with the religious text The Book of Enoch. Read about What is Sol in Raised by Wolves now.