Digital Signage: what it is and why use it for your business Read it later

Among the most popular trends in retail, Digital Signage is certainly one of the most popular. Numerous realities choose this solution above all to strengthen the bond between the brand and customers and to improve communication between the two parties. But what is it specifically?

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is an innovative way of advertising and communicating with your audience. It involves communication via a screen placed inside or outside shops and beyond. Thanks to the use of LED displays, static messages such as those of paper flyers and posters come to life and are transformed into dynamic and engaging images, ready to strike the emotional chord of customers, real and potential.
These new tools are really useful for all sectors and represent a great opportunity for companies that want to be remembered by people and want to strengthen their image. The options and possibilities are many, as can be seen on the sites of specialised manufacturers such as Let us look at some different types.

Outdoor Displays

In big cities, they can find in everywhere. Outdoor LED screens or ledwalls can place in the surroundings of shops or shopping centres in order to encourage people to come inside.
They are strategically position so that they are always clearly visible, both during the day and at night. Their structure is such that they are resistant to weather and temperature fluctuations.

Outdoor displays include advertising totems that can find on streets or large screens such as electronic billboards for outdoor and sporting events.

Indoor Displays

Indoor displays are those found in shops, used to advertise offers and products or to help customers to complete a purchase. These displays are also perfect for placement in shop windows, to attract passers-by and encourage them to enter. Read about Tech Geek Nelson blog now.

What is this kind of communication for?

Basically, advertising LED screens speak to the public through images, sounds, text, graphics and even videos with the aim of sharing important information, selling products or launching new ones, or telling stories about the brand to make themselves better known to newcomers. Here are their main purposes.


Digital Signage can use to give more or less important information to one’s customers, but in a very effective and original way. It can say something more about a product and describe its characteristics or simply show opening hours, events or even news and weather in real time depending on the type of business in question.


Dynamic and bright screen images are a great way to attract attention and thus sell. This is why they widely use in shop windows or inside shops to emphasise discounts or unique features of a specific product that may perhaps meet the needs of the public at that moment.


Another purpose of an advertising LED screen can also be to entertain, engage and give the customer a memorable and different shopping experience. For example, make-up shops may show video tutorials on how to use make-up. They will use some online video editors to create a tutorial video. Clothing stores may suggest combinations or show garments worn by models during fashion shows.
In conclusion, the versatility of Digital Signage is such that it really is perfect for any business, as a means of communication between brand and customer.