How many Languages does Pete Buttigieg Speak Read it later

Pete Buttigieg is the first only gay cabinet member of the United States. He is a well known politician and serves as a U.S secretary of Transportation till 2021. He was the previous mayor of south bend, a city of Indiana. His family background has a role of Pete Buttigieg speaking several languages. His father is a literature teacher and emigrated from Malta country. His mother also teaches linguistics. He may have had exposure to different languages from early childhood. He did his bachelors from the oxford university and later came back and worked as consultant in  McKinsey & Company.

He has presidential ambitions but fails his first presidential campaign in 2020. Pete Butigieg may become the first president of the United States that can speak that many languages. 

So, How many Languages does Pete Buttigieg Speak? The Sun reports that Pete Buttigieg can speak more languages than the average American, even an average politician. He can speak about 7 languages but it is not clear that he is fluent in all of those languages. You may witness the pete Buttiegieg videos to answer  and understand the Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Arabic, Dari, and French.

He can speak Maltese because his father is a Maltese immigrant. He also shares the reason to learn norwagian is for read the original work of famous novelist,  Erlend Loe. He also gives the reporters their answers in French and Italian at the Northeastern presser. 

He mentioned in his interview to CNN that a reporter asks him to speak in arab which he knows less. The reporter also asks him to answer Spanish answers but he is not the lawyer of the women in the protest of Jordan. 

Democratic debate Surprise

Pete Buttigieg surprised his opponents after showing his grip on the Spanish language during the 2019 democratic debate. The fans of the politician love to share his language skills on different clips on social media and comments on it.  

Pete Buttigeg has a strong grip on Spanish because he answers well and instantly to the interviewer at the Democratic Debate. It is because he grew up in El Paso, a city of Texas, where more than 80% Latino population exists. 

Pete loves to speak to people of different backgrounds in their native language. He speaks with the journalist  Anand Giridharadas in his native Norwegian language. He also confesses that he forgot most of the norwegian and is no longer fluent in the Norwegian language. 

He loves to connect with the people of different backgrounds and loves to get connected to his voters with different backgrounds.