Is Astarion Gay? Complete Answer! Read it later

Baldur’s Gate is a classic series of role-playing video games set in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) universe. You can romance with the different characters in Baldur’s Gate. Astarion as an Origin character and companion in Baldur’s Gate 3. Astarion was a vampire spawn serving a sadistic master for centuries. The race of Austarion is High Elf with rough Class. The game character is located southwest of Roadside Cliffs, near Nautiloid ship wreckage on the beach. So, Is Astarion gay? Austaion is not gay, he is a pan sexual  but in-game story indicates a strong preference for males. Pansexuality is the attraction to a person of any sex or gender, including those outside the gender binary.

In this article, we share about the Astarion backstory, Astarion age, Astarion voice actor and Astarion romance as men or women for best experience. 

Astarion Romance

You have to get the Astarion approval through choosing power-hungry or evil options. We have to Support this character as a vampire, let him drink blood. +5 Approval points choices include actions in Riverside Teahouse, Blighted Village, House of Hope, Goblin’s Camp and Underdark. You have to approve of supporting his desires, aligning with evil creatures, and letting him bite you.We require disapproval of concern for the weak, restraint, and acts of heroism.

The second act involves No explicit romance because Astarion opens up about his troubled past. Complete Astarion’s companion quest involving defeating his master Cazador.

Astarion and Halsin’s gay romance unlocks  Helsin’s personal quest, “Lift the Shadow Curse,” which adds depth to the storyline. Halsin disapproves of morally questionable actions, making him less suitable for Astarion. Halsin’s romance ends with him running away after the defeat of the Absolute, focusing on rebuilding the world.

In the Astarion and Gale gay romance,  Gale invites the player for a private conversation in an enchanted forest. Gale’s ex-girlfriend, a goddess, demands a sacrifice from him for penance. Gale’s guilt trips the player to prevent them from ending the romance.

There might be limitations on romancing two “main” companions Astarion and Shadowheart simultaneously. Shadowheart is open to casual encounters but not open to sharing romantically. There is  no romance dialogue initiated after helping Raphael in the Gauntlet of Shar irrespective of Exceptional approval with Astarion. 

The players get the least content when doing romance with astarion as karlach. In Astarion and Tav, Astarion manipulates Tav initially, with a history of seduction for Cazador. Genuine attraction exists with Tav, as hinted by Astarion’s slow opening up and desire for connection. You can also explore the romance option of astarion with cazador or the drow twins.

Backstory of Astarion 

Astarion’s background involves serving as a vampire spawn for centuries, escaping his sadistic master, and now seeking a new life. His companion quest, “The Pale Elf,” explores his freedom, trauma, and the abuse he both endured and inflicted on others. Astarion can be recruited west of the crashed Nautiloid in the Wilderness after helping him defeat an Intellect Devourer.  He has the manners of a charming nobleman with desire to bit others but hides decades of trauma from his abusive sire, Cazador.

Astarion Abilities

In gameplay, Astarion is a level 1 Rogue High Elf with proficiency in various skills and unique actions related to his companion quest. Astarion default class is rogue, with the ability to cast the Fire Bolt cantrip and a unique Vampire Bite action. Read about Call of Duty Gay Character now.

Astarion Age

The astarion age is 239 years old which is the sum of his age as a dead high elf rogue and vampire age. He has a long life expectancy of around 700 years as an Elf but he turns into vampires earlier and dies.  

Astarion Voice Actor

Neil Newbon is the voice actor of Astarion Character who won Best Performance at the Game Awards. Neil Newbon’s voice acting performance as Astarion is praised, particularly for its charisma, wit, and humor. Players can romance Astarion, and Neil Newbon’s motion capture and voice acting work brought life to the character’s snarky insults, dramatic moments, and charming flirtations. Newbon expressed gratitude for the game bringing the community together, providing hope, and helping players push through challenging times.