Is Bamboo Clothing Environmentally Friendly? Complete Answered! Read it later

Bamboo clothing is the environmentally friendly option to wear the clothes. Bamboo wearing has become a part of fashion these days. The complete chemical process used for the other clothing formation does not happen through bamboo clothing. Not every bamboo clothing is ecofriendly, it is possible that bamboo clothing is harmful for our environment. You must check the certification of the clothing brand to confirm the clothing quality of the bamboo fabric. Bamboo clothing involves cellulose extraction from natural bamboo. The bamboo fiber is chemically degradable due to the complete biodegradation. It is also more expensive than synthetic cotton due to the raw material supply and sustainability process of the bamboo. We require a proper growth system to meet the requirement of bamboo production on a large scale. Bamboo fabrics are soft, absorbent that is made through the bamboo plant. There are diverse types of bamboo plants that can be used for this purpose. Moreover, some chemicals are used for this process. In this read, we share with you the reasons to explain that bamboo clothing is environmentally friendly. 


Bamboo is a natural growing that is a renewable resource. If a company wants to require different quality of fiber, it can add other chemicals to improve the quality and sustainability. We can find chemicals that are environmentally friendly to get the right fabric for different garments. The growth of bamboo plants is quite high, you require three months for full growth of bamboo plants. Moreover, you require less space to grow bamboo plants compared to cotton. 

Fertilizers Free

We do not require fertilizers for the proper growth of the Bamboo plant. It preserves the water and makes no contribution to the contamination of the water. You do not have any high-powered machine to cut bamboo because the bamboo grows in a dense way. We do not encounter soil degradation that happens in every season of fiber cutting. It helps land to recover from the overgrazing effects. The absence or less use of chemicals make the bamboo fabrics durable and antibacterial.


We get sweet in the summer season or while doing any physical activity often with cotton clothing. Bamboo clothing is the best option for hot weather due to the breathable nature and moisture absorbent properties. It is the best option for outdoor activities because bamboo clothing brings thermoregulation. You get comfortable with it in hot and chilly weather and functions as an insulation. 


The studies have been clear that the bamboo fabric has antibacterial properties that help to maintain freshness while using it for extended periods. It improves the application of bamboo clothing and makes it preferable over other fabrics. 


The one of the best bamboo fabric qualities is degradability that reduces the environmental waste. Biodegradability means that the fabric is not responsible for bioplastic pollution which saves lives of several organism life cycles. The manufacturing process, bamboo type and the sustainability chemicals are responsible for the degrading of the bamboo fabrics.