Is Rocco Ritchie Gay? Complete Answer! Read it later

Rocco Ritchie is the son of Madonna, the renowned singer, and filmmaker Guy Ritchie, a British filmmaker. He is the oldest son of celebrity and singer Madonna, christened in Scotland’s Dornoch Cathedral on December 21, 2000. He is a Hollywood actor who appeared in ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in 2009 and is a talented painter. So, Is Rocco Ritchie Gay? Rocco Ritchie is not gay and has relationships with different women. People misunderstand about the sexuality of Rocco Ritchie due to his social media posts wearing bra or memes that clear messages as women and his unique fashion choices. 

In this read, we share about the Rocco Ritchie dating, Rocco Ritchie Career, his interesting facts, and his relationship with Madonna. Rocco faced parental separation at 8, living between London and New York due to his parents’ split. Frequent travels with his mom during her tours led to tension, and he moved to London. Ritchies struggled with media scrutiny and faced cannabis-related issues.

Rocco Ritchie Dating

 Rocco Ritchie dated singer Chantelle Lee in 2017, introducing her to his dad but not initially to his mom. Ritchie and his girlfriend, Kim Turnbull, 16, made a splash at London Fashion Week, sitting in the front row at Versus Versace in 2017.

Rocco had broken up with his ex-girlfriend, model Kim Turnbull, before dating Chantelle Lee. Kim Turnbull, a 24-year-old DJ based in London, is one of the featured Visionaries. Kim has played gigs globally, including Ministry of Sound and Paris Fashion Week. Chantelle Lee is a Eurasian singer/songwriter from London. She has collaborated with distinguished producers and writers like Tommy Brown, the Stereotypes, Jake Gosling, Mario Winans, Mike Woods, Jessica Agombar and JR Blender. Ritchie is more camera shy, spends time skateboarding, and does not have a public-facing Instagram account. It is not easy for the media to know about his relationship instantly.

Rocco Ritchie Career 

 Rocco Ritchie credits his parents for fostering a love of art in his upbringing. He grew up in a ‘creative household,’ appreciating art and culture, despite neither of his parents being painters. Rocco is pursuing a career as a painter and co-founded his own gallery, Maison Rhed, using the alias Rhed for his early work. He released his earlier work under the pseudonym Rhed to avoid public judgment and develop as a painter independently. Rocco studied fine art at Central Saint Martins and the Royal Drawing School, citing early 20th-century European art as his primary influence.

The Rocco Ritchie artwork involves thick oils, gestural brushstrokes, and depictions of the human form. Rocco Ritchie is not specfic about gay community. He balances psychological tension with a colorful palette and playful compositions. His eclectic cultural background influences his paintings, expressing a mix of innocence and confidence. Former Royal Academy chair Mervyn Davies praises Rhed for turning energy into beautiful, thought-provoking art.

Rocco Ritchie paintings for sale list as on Artsy for up to £24,000, raising questions about the use of a fake name. Despite initially priced at $24,000, Ritchie’s paintings gain attention and compare to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy. They sell well, and a private dinner during Art Basel in Miami celebrates his work. Ritchie’s work receives positive reviews, with Mervyn Davies from the Royal Academy praising artists who can turn energy into something visually appealing that resonates emotionally.

Rocco Ritchie work displays in different art exhibition sets through the famous artists. 

Rocco sees fashion as part of his artistry, finding inspiration in figures like Cecil Beaton and Salvador Dali. Describing himself as more than just an artist, Rocco appreciates the art behind clothing, gaining respect through a tailoring apprenticeship. Ritchie poses for vogue man Hong Kong as a model who does painting. 

How tall is Rocco Ritchie?

Rocco Ritchie is 5ft 6 inches tall, 1.71m and weighs around 64kg. Ritchie is shorter than his father, Guy Ritchie, who is 5ft 6 inches or 1.8m. His biological sister Lourdes Leon is 5ft 6 inches or 1.7m. Read Is Ion Perez Gay?

Rocco Ritchie and Madonna

Rocco Ritchie is the biological son of the queen of pop Madonna. Ritchie has a close relationship with his mother, and he spots several times in the live performance of Madonna. Rocco keeps a low profile but spotted with Banda near Madonna’s NYC apartment in July 2023 after her hospitalization. Rocco Ritchie also participates in the celebration tour of his mother and appears on stage in a particular segment of the show.