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Getting your Phd in Marketing is a great way to achieve  excellence for a successful career in academia. The United States is the best place to do marketing Phd programs with the opportunity to participate in unique educational projects. In this article, we share with you about the Marketing PhD Programs in the USA to improve your knowledge about the best business schools and the requirment of their programs. The repetition of those educational institutes help you to participate in world class research. 

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is the best option to start your phd in marketing. This business school gives you an opportunity to learn the various disciplines of marketing to resolve the future problems. The five year program offers two years of coursework and three years of research work. The scholars learn the marketing aspects of different fields that can impact directly on the marketing efforts of a firm. Students get a chance to learn a year long course about psychology or micro economics. It is really helpful to understand the basics of a business problem. The university offers two elective courses that are MBA. Students work with faculty members from the start of the Phd to launch their research by the end of third or fourth years.

There are specific requirements from the Harvard Business School that include online application form, resume, statement of purpose, GMAT or GRE scores, recommendation letters,application fee or optional writing fee. The requirements for international students are different from the Americans. The school welcomes the reapplicants but they are not accepting the application more than three times from a single applicant.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate is the world class Business school that offers marketing scholars the opportunity to find the complex answers of marketing. They provide academic placement during years of graduation at the world class universities. The marketing program requires discipline and passion to study on a consistent basis.  You still have the opportunity to choose the research field of your choice. The collaborative study allows you to build networks for your professional growth. They provide seven fields of study for the pHD marketing scholars that include FInance, Accounting, Organisational behaviour, Political Economics and IT. You can participate in the different events and access different resources to choose the right program for you. After you choose the program, you have to know well about the application process and the deadlines.

The eligibility for international scholars requires a US equivalent bachelor’s degree. The international applicants are required to pass the TOEFL exam for non native English speakers. You have to share the academic records from your foreign institution. If your institution does not give Original English language documents, submit the translation version with original documents separately. You choose the primary field for collaborative research through the right way. We can receive the scholarship for up to three years through applying for the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship. We can apply for a KHS scholarship in our first year of PHD after enrollment.

Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

The marketing phd at Wharton gives opportunity to learn about the associate theory and methodology through using different fields. It gives you expertise to understand new decision models for innovative business models. Wharton school provides the phd program in the marketing field with a mission of creative ideas, improving analytical skills for evaluation and communication training. The school offers online sessions to inform the scholars about their PhD marketing programs requirements and interesting research projects on campus. 

You can find about the major requirement courses that help you to understand about every course before enrolling in a program. The major field courses cover marketing, consumer behaviour, Economics Requirement and Statistics Requirement. The fifteen level course unit is necessary to complete for your PHD marketing coursework. The courses have different catagories. The Wharton school offers the joint doctorate degree in marketing and psychology. You have to apply first for the doctorate degree and then apply for the Joint Program to get your joint doctorate degree. 

The School has a Selective process to emphasise leading-edge academic research. The Evaluation criteria for a scholar include previous academic work, GRE/GMAT scores, and references.The admitted students receive a full fellowship covering stipend, tuition, and health insurance.

MIT Sloan School of Management

The MIT Sloan School of Management is the business school of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. MIT is a private business school established in 1914. The current dean of MIT is David Schmittlein who became Honorary Professor at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.

The school values a global perspective, values  the interconnectedness of the business world.  MIT Sloan’s diverse and international student body contributes to an impressive learning environment that prepares graduates for global leadership roles. The school places a strong emphasis on developing leadership skills. Through various leadership programs, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities.  MIT Sloan places a strong focus on the intersection of business and technology. The school is renowned for its programs in technology management and innovation. It is preparing students to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of modern business.

The doctorate program at MIT has a program structure that includes coursework, master’s thesis, general examinations and disertation. The MIT Sloan offers 150 subjects with additional options. The faculty in the student’s research group assists in the selection of the right course for you. Dissertations take book-style chapters or separate essays forms. It is typically completed within two to three years post-General Examinations. We can participate in the different events of the universities to know more about the upcoming doctorate program in marketing fields. 

Sum up

In conclusion, Marketing PhD Programs in the USA is a journey that demands careful decision. Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and MIT Sloan School of Management stand out as the best options for students who have deep interest in marketing subjects.