Second Life Male Fashion Blog [Complete Explained] Read it later

Second Life is a virtual world and online platform launched by Linden Lab in 2003. The users function as the residents of the game that have complete control to customize their avatars. You can play the game online electronic game playing that brings internet connectivity and strong social networking opportunities. The Second life male fashion blog is the work of male avatars that are styling influencers within the game. You can take fashion inspiration from second life male fashion influencers to improve the style of your avatar.

A well looking male avatar is really helpful to improve your connectivity from people like dating. You can buy different items from the second life marketplace like clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, hairs, and gadgets to style your avatar according to your choice. In this blog post, we share with you the best second life male fashion blog avatars, best online male fashion resources for second life and second life marketplace information. Read about Top Retro Games to Play Android now.


Crashnoww has the muscular lean physique, brown skin color, average height, and medium length of black hair. This avatar wears a necklace, multiple earrings, lip rings and nose rings. 

Crashnoww, owner of RealEvil Industries, creates high-quality accessories in Second Life. You can find the different accessories from his store like Elegance Watch Series 3.

Crashnoww and his wife handle designs, modeling, and scripting for their jewelry. RealEvil Industries briefly explores clothing and shoes but maintains a primary focus on jewelry. The Inspiration for designs comes from real-life observations but evolves during the creative process.

Mikel Monk 

Mikel Monk is one of the most stylish men of the second life who takes inspiration from real life art or fashion. The Mikel Monk avatar has light brown skin color with noticeably short dark hairs, wears glasses, styled with bracelets and has tattoos on his body. In the real world, specializes in photo and video editing, pursuing a master’s in painting.

Mikel Monk start TMD due to the lack of male items in other events and the underappreciation of great male fashion designers. TMD celebrates its 10-year anniversary, a significant achievement in the male fashion community. Michael expresses gratitude for the designers and customers who have contributed to TMD’s success over the years. TMD has a global community, welcoming designers from various countries and representing diverse styles. TMD highlights a wide variety of styles, from traditional to streetwear, ensuring a comprehensive selection for all customers.

Skip Staheli

Skip Stahei avatar is a lean tanned man with long deep brown hairs who poses well. He is stylish and impresses other avatars through his photographs within the game. You can visit the opening gala for Skip Staheli’s exhibition “Winter of Enchantment” at Paris METRO Art Gallery in second life. He uses tools like PS CS6, FilterForge, Alien Skin, Nik Collection, Painter, Adobe Lightroom, and a Wacom drawing tablet for photography in the game. 

Skip Stahei is self-taught in Photoshop in real life, spending 5-8 hours on each image, finding his therapeutic. His favorite thing about Second Life is photography, but he dislikes negative energy and addictive behaviors within the game. Skip Staheli is Dutch in real life and embraces an open, polygamous lifestyle in both real life and second life.

Diarmuid Miklos

Diarmuid Miklos avatar is a blonde who has chest tattoo, wears glass, stylizes clothes with several earrings and military style necklace. Miklos has been in SL for 5.5 years, initially starting with garden sculptures and later expanding to jewelry, skins, and mesh clothing. Diarmuid’s journey involved learning 3D design through YouTube tutorials, demonstrating his talent without formal training in graphic design or sculpting. Besides his store, Diarmuid finds joy in SL’s creativity, especially in men’s fashion, contributing to a smaller but growing market. Diarmuid is working on mesh hands after the success of mesh feet for men, facing challenges but aiming for a customer-friendly release.

Liquidh3ll Carter

The avatar of Liquidh3ll Carter wears suit with tie and has light colored eyes with deep brown hairs. You can visit his store on the second life marketplace where he sells assorted products like USB keyholders, wooden periscope and Skull love rings. You can buy fashion accessories from his store to stylize your avatar or improve your house in the game. 

Liquidh3ll Carter creates a database of intriguing questions for the Second Life community. He views Second Life as a creative outlet but emphasizes the importance of people. Liquidh3ll Carter involves in contract content creation work, including graphic design and scripting. He is a mesh creator on the platform and currently has a Marketplace-only store, considering more regular releases in the future.

Male Fashion Blogs Resources

As a consistent player of the second life, you can find different male avatars for the inspiration of style. You can visit various places within the second life where rich or classy people come often. The best destination of SL for fashion inspirations are fogbound-blues and peak-lounge. 

You can visit different social media platforms like reddit or Quora to know about the male fashion scope of your avatar in the game. We can access the second life sub reddit named “second life” to read about the experiences of other stylish avatars. If you find confusion about purchasing any outfit for your avatar, you can visit the second life community page. 

Second Life Marketplace for Male Fashion Items

First, you have to visit and log in. Use the right keywords to find the best products related to your choice. Check the usage conditions mentioned on the right side of item listings. Get knowledgeable about Categories like Use It Now, Unpacking Required, Land Required. After completing your purchase, log in and find received items in the Inventory window. You have to drag items from the Received items pane to existing folders. You can change the clothes of your avatar through using different options.