Top Retro Games to Play Android in 2023 Read it later

We all love to unwind and relax while watching our favorite content on Xfinity TV. Video gaming is the best choice to enjoy your whole day. 

The retro games are classic but the best choice for someone who loves to explore different gaming  styles. The popular retro games to play android are available as an android app. The famous retro games are downloadable online or playable online. There is less quality of graphics and limited controls in retro games but the challenges or levels are exciting enough to engage the players. 

In this article, we share the popular and best retro games that are still worth playing in the 21st century. Most retro games to play android are single payers but some offer two player options. The game controlling options on touch screen is as effective as the buttons of the classic gaming controllers. Read about Call of Duty Gay Character now.


Carmageddon, the 1997 destruction-derby racer that featured a focus on running over civilians, was banned or prohibited in several nations. The quantity of bloodshed in this game may help you comprehend the uproar it caused in the ’90s, even if the pixelated graphics look cheesy in 2023. Fortunately, the Android port is uncut, so you may experience Carmageddon as it was meant to be seen. Most of our favorite Android racing games have better graphics and more realistic driving, but none of them can compare to the sheer adrenaline rush of Carmageddon. 

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is a best role-playing game with gameplay of a warrior that brings you to the epic dragon adventure. The Snowbird studios developed the game for game consoles in 2001. You can choose the race or class combination of your game character before starting playing. Your character has the six features like strength, intelligence or charisma. You get the points in the game every time you cover a specific level.  The clumsy fighting may throw off some players, but for those who aren’t fans of turn-based RPGs, this is a great introduction to the Baldur’s Gate series. The gameplay is linear which means you have to cover the present level in order to unlock the next level or feature. You can shift to the hard or extreme mode once your game character fights against the mini-dungeon. The upgraded versions of the games are now available with the similar plot of the Retrogames. 

Metal Slug III

Metal Slug 3 is the run and gun game that is the sequel of the Metal Slug game series. It was released in 2000 for the neo geo console. The Metal Slug 3 is the same as the Metal Slug game but the Metal Slug 3 brings a different branching system. It means you have experienced different levels with different players that differ in game length or difficulty. The prisoners of the games are named after the names of the developers and producers of the game. The players get into the different conditional effects inside the game like zombie fluid effect or Sasquatch ice effect. 

Try Metal Slug 3 first, but if you like the series, check out the others. All of them have the same low prices and the same convenient touch-screen features for use with smartphones.

Mega Man X

Capcom’s 16-bit retro platformer, a classic from the SNES era, found its way to Android after 12 years on iOS. Now that the port is available, it’s clear that the pixel graphics have been modernized, and players may choose from a variety of difficulty settings to suit their preferences. Since no controller support is present, less is a major improvement. In order to win, players must use the touchscreen interface. Thanks to its responsive touch controls, Mega Man X is a must-have for any retro gamer interested in reliving their glory days.

Dragon Quest II

When it comes to the Play Store, Dragon Quest II is the most downloaded game in the series. The pixel art is as crisp as ever, and the grind isn’t too much of a burden on the game’s overall design.

This is as vintage as it gets in the world of Japanese role-playing games, and the portrait orientation makes it ideal for playing with just one hand. Dragon Quest II’s simplicity makes it nearly ideal for one-handed play, in contrast to the subsequent games which suffer from the portrait orientation.

Castlevania: The Symphony of the Night

Castlevania is the best retro game series for vampire or dracula lovers. It is a role play game with that was released in Japan in 1993. The plot of the game is set in 1797 with the beginning of vampire hunter Richter Belmondo defeating Dracula. The son of Dracula awakes from his sleep to investigate the whole situation. The sister in law of the Richter Belmondo came into the Castlevania to find out the Richter. The game has four different endings due to the consequences of the action of players. You can experience the weapons and spells associated with different colors. 

The spells are used for shields and attack on enemies through explosives. You get more points in the game as you play faster. The game has classic architecture with the classic costumes and beliefs about the vampires or vampire hunters. Even though the game’s dialogue and voice acting have been updated, the game’s pixel-based visual style has been preserved.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest is a famous role play game with adjustable views of the player. The game sets on the mythology of Greek, ancient Egypt and Orientals You can download the Titan Quest and the Immortal Throne expansion as the package through amazon. It is the hero’s journey to fight against the monsters and bad people with three different maps of Greece, Egypt and the Silk road. The non-player characters are important because they give the gameplay a direction through the player’s choice. 

King of the Monsters

King of the Monsters has long been a top pick for NeoGeo console gamers. Who wouldn’t find it entertaining to smash cities as one enormous monster against another? You also have to remember that when this game first appeared in arcades in 1991, Kaiju games were scarce in the West (other than Rampage).

Since few other games used 32-bit graphics, King of the Monsters stood out from the crowd. King of the creatures is a delight and well worth replaying if you enjoy destroying towns and battling gigantic creatures.

Final Thoughts

In 2023, Android’s gaming culture is a vibrant tapestry of nostalgia, featuring everything from classic arcade favorites to treasured console gems. Whether you’re reliving your youth or exploring these classics for the first time, the finest retro games to play Android will keep the magic of yesteryear alive and close at hand.