Top 13 Small behind the ear tattoos for guys Read it later

Consider getting one behind your ear if you want a small and discreet tattoo. Assorted designs would look great behind the ear, and this article will highlight the best ones. Guys can get creative with their tattoos; cool designs would work well behind the ear. So, if you are considering getting a small tattoo, check out these designs!

Scorpion inspired

A scorpion tattoo is a classic symbol of strength and courage, making it the perfect design for men. Plus, since it is small, it can fit nicely behind the ear without being too flashy.

Panther inspired

Panthers represent power, ferocity, and protection, so a panther tattoo can be an excellent choice for men. It can also look stylish behind the ear since you do not need to use detail or shading to make it stand out.

Rose styled

Roses are a classic symbol of beauty, and they can look nice when done as a small tattoo behind the ear. Pink or red roses are usually the most popular, but you can add other colors to make them unique.

Crow styled

Crows represent wisdom and darkness, making them an excellent choice for men who want to have something meaningful behind their ears. Crows only accept a little space, so it is perfect for those who want a small tattoo.

Skull inspired

Skulls are always popular among men, and they can look fabulous when done with a small tattoo behind the ear. You could even add color to make it stand out more.

Cross look

The cross is a classic symbol, and it can look simple yet meaningful when done as a small tattoo behind the ear. You can also add color to it if you want.

Fish style

Fish designs are great for guys who want a small and discreet tattoo. You could even add color to make it stand out more. Explore the Best small guitar tattoos for guys.

Tiny bee 

Bees are a famous symbol, and they can look cute when done as a small tattoo. Apply color to make it more prominent.

Small behind the ear tattoos idea for guys

Small dragon 

These tattoos can be small and subtle, making them suitable for those looking for something that will only stand out a little.

Small leaf

A small leaf tattoo behind the ear is an excellent option for guys who want to show off their style without going overboard. Leaf tattoos can be any size, making them versatile enough to fit any man’s preferences. 

Tiny zodiac

A tiny constellation, or a simple symbol of the zodiac sign, can provide a beautiful reminder of who we are and what we stand for. Small zodiac tattoos behind the ear can be the perfect choice for guys looking for a subtle but meaningful tattoo.

Small egypt inspired

These tattoos often feature small, intricate designs inspired by the ancient art found on Egyptian monuments and artifacts. They can be simple, like a figure of an Egyptian god or goddess, or more complex, including hieroglyphs and other symbols. 

Small anchor 

Taking an iconic symbol and making it small yet still noticeable, this design is perfect for those who want to express themselves without going over the top. Anchor tattoos have become increasingly popular, with symbolism ranging from stability to hope and strength. 

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