What is Science Fiction in Literature? Read it later

Literature books have distinct categories that have the purpose of creating books for specific audiences. Literature writes work that has artistic value in that language. Fiction is the type of literature that brings the readers into the imaginary world of the writers for a unique experience. Science fiction literature is one type of fiction that brings the audience to a new world with different life rules, technologies, or aliens. Science fiction short stories and novels have significance for technology enthusiasts or fantasy stories lovers. The theme of the story revolves around technological advancements, space, universe, scientific rules, time travel and human association with it. 

The sci fi author writes diverse types of stories in the unique sci fi fiction themes. Every sci-fi story gives the sense of exploration to the readers with other genres like horror, action, thriller, or mystery. 

“A True Story” by Syrian satirist Lucian is the first science fiction story ever published back in the 20th century. The age of enlightenment became the reason for authors to add scientific elements to fiction. The author prefers to mention the reasons and science in their stories instead of superstitions or faith. The famous books of the enlightenment age are New Atlantis by Francis Bacon, The Man in the Moone by Francis Godwin, and Somnium by Johannes Kepler. In this read, Forbeso shares with you about science fiction’s role in literature, popular sci fi authors, and diverse types of science fiction. 

Science fiction Literature Role

Science fiction literature values innovation and raises questions about the contemporary lifestyle. You can experience a different world with technological advancement that may challenge your current beliefs. Science fiction shares the consequence of technological findings. It also explains the social construct through the industrial revolution to digital changings. Science fiction can be about contemporary or the far future world systems. The contemporary sci-fi challenges recent technological issues like Mars colonization or moon colonization. The Martian by Andy Weir is the bestselling sci fi book about mars colonization survival. The Dune by Frank Herbert is the story of far future humans with advanced technologies than the present ones. 

Science fiction books inspire the youth to become explorers, astronomers, scientists, or software engineers. The famous entrepreneurs and scientists take inspiration from sci-fi literature and recommend it to the youth. Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, recommends several sci-fi books and shares his lessons. Musk recommended Asimov’s Foundation in his tweet that teaches him about actions to prolong civilization. Jeff Bezos is a fan of the Star Trek television show, which is a famous show about exploring new civilizations.

The former resident of google, Sergey Brin, favorite sci fi book is Snow Crash novel by Neal Stephenson. The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, favorite book is the Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card which has the story of a young boy who strategies to fight against an enemy alien race. The co-founder of Airbnb, Joe Gebbia, loves to read the comic book series about mutant turtles named teenage mutant ninja turtles by Kevin Eastman. 

Science fiction writers inspire the original design of different technology of the present world. It helps to monetize the structure of the current media and future changes. 

Types of Science Fiction

Science fiction literature has diverse types that develop over time as it becomes a part of popular culture. 

Space opera is the subgenre of sci-fi that covers the fighting adventure in space through spaceships with encounters of distinct species or relationships. The Star Wars series is the best example of space opera that brings consistent character’s experience influence in battle. 

The Hard science fiction subgenre is about the complete details of scientific accuracy in the creation of the world system. Hard SF has the influence of the world system on the characters with different situations. The Ringworld by Larry Niven is the Hard SF that shares the ring system world to explore. 

The science fantasy combines the scientific knowledge with the fantasy elements like a story that mentions aliens and ghosts. Frank Herbert’s Dune mentions the dreams as guidance for the main lead in the outer space world system. 

Post Apocalypse is the category of science fiction in which new life starts after the catastrophic destruction. The Hunger games and The Maze runner are the best examples of post apocalypse. Apocalypse sci fi involves the destruction in the story that can be an invasion. 

Military science fiction involves the use of sci-fi for military purposes in which the main lead is a member of the military. The conflict becomes philosophical, and the invasion can be against a distinct species. 

Social science fiction is about the science fiction story that associates with the social aspects more than scientific facts. The Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is the best social sci fi book that shares social beliefs. 

Superhero science fiction involves the costume fighter who saves the city or world from criminals or super villains. The comics culture makes superheroes popular that include batman, superman, or captain America.