Why is Bamboo Fabric so Popular? Complete Answered! Read it later

The bamboo fabric used is quite common in Asia for paper, household, and decoration products. Beijing university first succeeded in turning the bamboo into cloth. The process involves the making of bamboo pulp and then using solvents with a proper drying process. The Production of bamboo increased in 2004 to produce clothing at affordable rates. The unique feature of the cloth makes it valuable for hygiene, medical and other fields. So, Why is Bamboo Fabric so Popular? Green and sustainable textiles bring a new trend as global warming increases across the globe. The softness and durable nature of the fabric makes it unique for users and the famous brands also support bamboo clothing. In the reading, we mention the benefits of bamboo fabrics and the qualities associated with the brands.

Sustainable nature

Bamboo is the best option to replace plastic or cotton clothing because of its sustainable nature. The bamboo is renewable because the raw material is available in nature. You must wait for three months to get a full-grown bamboo field as a raw product. Plastics are made from fossil fuels that are not available in abundance. The production of plastic results in the greenhouse effect while bamboo farms absorb greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide. Plastic has limited options to recycle like cotton clothing. But the compostable nature of bamboo fabric has easy recycling options. If you do not recycle bamboo fabrics, it will decompose automatically after expiry date. Bamboo farming on a commercial scale requires farmers to grow bamboo farms professionally that brings more job opportunities. We get less fabric variety from plastic or cotton, but bamboo fabric gives an option for sustainable fabric. 

Product Formation Options

The production of bamboo fabric also contributes to the production of different other bamboo-based products. The tensile strength of the bamboo allows the user to create products like furniture or bedding. Bamboo bending has benefits for quality indoor air. The natural scent of bamboo and antibacterial nature makes it less allergic. Cotton requires processing to make it soft compared to bamboo. 


Bamboo clothing is far more comfortable than the other fabric clothing. The bamboo clothing is breathable but is warm in the cold seasons. The aesthetics of bamboo clothing are considered better than other clothing. Bamboo clothing is used by athletes in different sports events. It is a healthy alternative for people with different allergies or skin irritation. The bamboo underwear is popular among men due to comfort.

Dye Friendly

The bamboo fabric is popular among fashion designers for the property of dying. It has an elevated level of absorbing ability that allows it to penetrate well. The feature of bamboo to be a cellulose allows it to be ready for a wide range of dyes. The smooth skin allows the dye to spread and give complete coverage. There are different techniques available for dying the bamboo fiber well. The bamboo has the color holding ability that resists the change in the color.