Body Piercing Definition and Types Read it later

Body piercing is about piercing a hole in body parts other than ears for jewellery insertions. It can be a ring, stud or any other jewellery item. The main purpose is to improve the aesthetics of your body and look your best. It doesn’t include the single piercing of the lobe of the ears. In the medical field, it is about creation of permanent or semi permanent through human skin for jewellery purpose with no medical purpose. In this read, we discuss about Body Piercing Definition and Types.

The human body piercing can change the natural anatomy of the human body. It is considered taboo to have a body piercing at the workplace. Most people do body piercing as a pat of their religious beliefs or spiritual reasons. Others have body piercing to enhance the body aesthetics, self expression, independence and become unique from everyone. 

Industrial piercing is one of the popular ear piercings that involves the upper ear cartilage from two points and then a tiny rod placed. It is also known as construction beam or scaffolding ear piercing. You require a proper consultation to ensure your sterilisation, marking and piercing. You have to select the jewellery earlier and then apply it. The proper piercing definition comes from regular cleaning and aftercare of your body piercing types.

Body piercing is most common among women compared to men in young age groups. The Uncommon types of body piercings female includes the Nape piercing, Cleavage Piercing and Smiley Piercing. The nape piercing is about the piercing through the back of your neck. Cleavage Piercing is the body modification on the central flat bone of the woman’s chest. Smiley Piercing is visible every time someone talks or smiles. It involves the piercing of thin tissue inside the mouth. The frenulum tissue involved in most smiley piercings.

Body Piercing Types

Like any other body modifications, body piercing has different types and styles that are unique. You have to visit different body piercers that have expertise in your preferred piercings. Explore about Body Modification Definition and Examples now.

Rook Piercing

It is the piercing of the inner ridge of the ear with no involvement of tragus. Rook piercing involves the upper part of the ear but not the out part like industrial piercing. It is best to wear curved barbell and bead rings. You can also combine the rook piercing with industrial. 

It involves the piercing around the soft navel region of the human body. It has a penetration below the navel and above the skin. Navel Piercing is popular piercing with different unique jewellery options available. There are different shapes for belly button piercing. You can choose the Double Navel Piercing for two holes [above and below) through the belly button. 

Nose Piercing

The nose piercing is another popular one body modification that involves piercing through the nostils or upper navel rim. There are different unique choices available for nose piercing that include Bridge Piercing, Septum Piercing and Nasallang Piercing. Nasallang piercing involves the piercing of  both nostril and septum. Bridge Piercing involves the nose bridge piercing in a horizontal way. Septum Piercing is the piercing through the wall of the nose that separates the nostrils. 

Lip Piercing

It involves piercing around the area of lips through different ways. The lip piercing classifies as the location of the piercing that can be up, below, left or right side.The piercing through the lower lip is known as Labret piercings which is a popular choice. 

Tongue Piercing

It involves crossing the needle through any part of the tongue with proper sterilization. It can not cause pain but also swelling on the region. The type of tongue piercing depends on the way the mouth is. It includes Midline Tongue Piercing, Snake Eyes Piercing, Tongue Frenulum Piercing and Venom Piercing. Venom Piercing is on each side of the tongue that gives snake fang resemblance. Tongue Frenulum Piercing is through the small tissue below the tongue that is visible as you lift your tongue up. Snake Eyes Piercing is on the tip of tongue at the corner sides that looks like Snake eyes.