Celtic Tattoo History: Complete Explained Read it later

Celtic tattoos are one of the most ancient forms of body art. Those tattoos are the tribal genre that have bold lines, unique angles, and interactive symbols. Celtic tattoo history is from the iron age back in 600 BC. These tattoos get the recognition from Celts which are the tribe’s collection around 800 BC. These tribes are the Indo-European people that have artistic skills including illustrations. The celts tattooing starts from Pictish warriors in the UK to separate tribal people from battle. They believe that tattoos connect them with God, heritage, and nature. Celtic has oral traditions, myths, stories, and worship different deities. Celts have a prominent warrior culture that includes weapons like long swords. Celtics decline as the roman empire spreads and become Christians later. 

Celtic Symbols

Celtic symbols have significant designs and have a deep value for the beliefs of Celtics. They use symbolism to express the different situations and set a proper meaning for every symbol. People use those designs as tattoos on different areas of the body. Celtic tree of life symbol has a strength symbol that represents harmony. The branches and the leaves of the tree represent the balance of nature. Celtic cross symbols are from the Middle Ages that were first drawn and then made from metal or wood. The four sides of Celtic cross represent the four directions of the Earth. Other interpretations explain it as the representation of four life elements that are air, water, fire, and earth. Dara knot derives from ancient oak trees that make through connecting lines with no end and beginning.

Celtic knots represent inner strength which comes from nature. It believes that Dara knots provide inner wisdom in challenging times. The symbol of Ailm is the representation of endurance and purification. Ailm is the first letter of Celtic language. The trinity knot is the representation of three pointed symbols that represent the spirit unity with the circle. The triskelion symbol has three spirals that rotate clockwise with representation of association with three. The Irish harp is the representation of soul immortality. The Serch Bythol is the symbol of a single circle with two knots. It represents the connection between two people that lasts forever with body, mind, and spirit level. The motherhood bond represents the best connection between child and mother. 

Celtic Warrior Culture

Celtic tattoo history has a warrior culture with different weapon ranges and techniques. They have significant fighting attire with body paints. The Celtic warriors are valuable for Celtic society. They rank higher in status and people celebrate their bravery through songs or stories. The people of Irish origin love to express their ancestors through Celtic warrior tattoos. These tattoos include the warrior holding their weapons and different animals like wolves. Tattooing of ogham script with proper meaning associated with Celtic warrior’s culture. 

Celtic Mythology

Celtic mythology has a deep connection to Celtic culture and interesting stories with unique creatures. They have mythological gods with different abilities. The Dogda has the power of agriculture, manliness and controlling weather. Lugh is the deity with arts and crafting skills. The Morgans goddess is responsible for the ware and prophecy. The Irish mythology has the creatures that include banshee, fear Gorta and Kelpie. You can read the complete books about Greek mythology to know well about different gods and creatures for tattoo inspiration design. Read about What are Blackwork Tattoos?