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Jinmen is a Japanese manga series that revolves around the life of a man named Jinguu Masato, who loves animals and visits the zoo frequently. However, strange incidents happen in the zoo, and Masato gradually uncovers the dark secrets behind it all. The series has gained popularity among manga enthusiasts, and the ending has been a topic of discussion among fans. In this article, we will comprehensively Know Jinmen Manga Ending Explained.

Overview of Jinmen Manga

Before we dive into the ending, let us give a brief overview of the manga series. Jinmen follows the story of Jinguu Masato, who deeply loves animals. He visits the zoo frequently, developing a close relationship with Hanayo, a girl who shares his love for animals. However, Masato starts noticing strange incidents in the zoo, ultimately leading to discovering a dark secret behind the place.

The ending of Jinmen manga

The ending of Jinmen manga has left many fans confused and wanting more. In the final chapters, Masato discovers that his father is responsible for the strange incidents in the zoo. His scientist father had created a serum that could turn humans into animals. However, the serum had unexpected side effects, and many people died.

Masato confronts his father, who reveals he has also given the animal serum. He killed the other scientists and gave the animals the same serum but at different dosages so he would have an advantage. As a result, the animals gained the ability to use their horns to propel missiles, and a giant goat/ram thing killed everyone. The creature summons from a blood sacrifice.

The final chapters of Jinmen manga also reveal that the bully who had tormented Masato had died at the hands of his mother, who was a bear. People enslave with mice on their necks, and if they did anything other than work, the mice would slit their throats. The monkeys would then pick up the bodies and hang them in their makeshift slaughterhouse, an aircraft station.

Ending Scenes

After killing Hanmo, we discover that Jinguu has a unique ability known as the “demon cry.” This power allows him to control all the animals in the area and drive them into a state of frenzy. His scar-faced friend, also a massive elephant, joins in on the action towards the end of the story.

In the meantime, the fat human scientist trapped in a cage reveals himself to be an ugly pig with mind-controlling powers. He kills the other scientists and gives the animals a different dosage of the same substance, giving them an advantage over Jinguu, who also received it.

Furthermore, the deer in the story use their horns to launch missiles, and a giant goat/ram creature summoned through a blood sacrifice goes on a killing spree.


In conclusion, the ending of Jinmen manga may need to be clarified and overwhelming for some readers. However, the series offers a unique take on the relationship between humans and animals and the consequences of playing God. The ending may leave some questions unanswered, but it’s a fitting conclusion to a series that has captivated audiences with its dark and twisted themes.

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