Vikings LGBT Characters: 7 Interesting Personalities Read it later

Vikings lgbt characters are Lagaritha, Astrid, Bjorn Lothbrok, Charles III of Francia and Halfdan. Vikings is a TV series set in the world of Ragnar Lothbrok, who is a Viking warrior and farmer. The series covers Ragnar’s journey from a farmer to the King of Viking tribes. Ragnar has a desire to explore the world. As a king, Ragnar sees alliances with Wessex. He struggles against powerful leaders like Jarl Borg and climactic battles like the Siege of Paris. It is showcasing his strategic prowess. Ragnar Lothbrok is not an LGBTQAI+ character. You can find characters with lgbtq interests in the Vikings drama series. The Vikings series is a fictional story, which means we have no proof of any lgbt character in the show in real life. The Vikings show gives us a unique concept of Viking history. The main goal of getting married in Viking culture is marriage and producing kids. No one cares about your orientation after you fulfil your responsibilities. 

Lagertha [First Wife of Ragnar Lothbrok]

Legartha has relations with different prominent characters throughout the series, including Rollo, Ragner, Sigvard, Kalf, Ecbert and Heahmund. Lagertha and Astrid appear to have a relationship in season 4 of Vikings. We can see the romantic relationship between Lagertha and Astrid. Both shield maidens live together in a single house and help each other throughout season 4. Legartha kisses Astrid several times or shows an intimate connection with her, even in front of others. Lagertha kills Astrid by herself at the request of Astrid because Astrid does not want to give birth to the child of King Harald Finehair. She is represented as a brave, ambitious, and protective shield maiden. Lagertha from Vikings is a bisexual character. 

Astrid [Second in Command of Lagertha]

Astrid is a former second-in-command, a Free spirit who challenges vikings society norms. Lagertha trains Astrid about the art of war and love. Astrid, at first, shows interest in Lagertha. Astrid always says that she will protect Lagertha from enemies. She feels protective and connected with Lagertha. Likewise, Lagetha has a deep connection with Astrid. Lagertha does not want to kill Astrid even if she betrays Lagertha with Harald Finehair. Lagertha’s hair turned completely white due to the stress of Astrid’s death. 

King Harald kidnaps Astrid and makes her the queen of Norway. Astrid wants Lagertha to kill her. Lagertha kills Astrid because Astrid does not want to give birth to the child of King Harald. 

Astrid has no kids and is on the path of self-discovery. Astrid also has an intimate relationship with King Harald and Lagetha. We conclude that Astrid from the Vikings series is a bisexual character. 

Bjorn Lothbrok [Oldest son of Ragnar and Lagertha]

Bjorn Lothbrok wants to explore the world by following in the footsteps of his father, Ragnar. He explores the lands in Algeciras to visit the Harem. In Sicily, Björn and Halfdan are hired as personal bodyguards for commander Euphemius. Björn and Halfdan have been provided access to transgender prostitutes by their bosses. Halfdan asks Bjorn about his night experience. Bjorn is satisfied with his intimacy with the prostitutes. Later, Hafdan mentions that the prostitutes they encountered last night are not women. That is not the problem for Bjorn Lothbork. It concludes that Bjorn’s intimacy satisfaction with transgender women. Bjorn can be somehow bisexual or bicurious. 

Halfdan [Brother of King Harald Finehair]

Halfdan asks the question about having intercourse with transgender prostitutes from Bjorn. He satisfies with his relationship with transgender. It means that Halfdans is also a bisexual person. It is a theory that Emir feels the close relationship between Halfdan and Bjorn. Emir jokes about Halfdan with the transgender prostitutes. It is a fact that transgender prostitutes are common in the Arab world. Read about Call of Duty Gay Character now.

Charles III of Francia [King of Lotharingia]

Charles III of France, known as Charles the Simple, ruled West Francia from 893-923 CE. There is an inaccurate view of Charles III in the Viking series. There is a scene in the movie in which Charles III sleeps with a young man and wakes up suddenly. So, we have no reason for a King to sleep with a young man except for attraction. Charles III has a daughter named Princess Gisela, who marries Rollo. Charles III can be considered a Bisexual person. 

Harald Finehair [Former King of Norway]

Harald Finehair is not gay in the Vikings series. You can play the character Harald Finehair as gay in the Vikings Game. Harald Finehair kidnaps Astrid and makes her queen of Norway. Harald Finehair wants to take revenge on Lagerths for killing his queen, Astrid. He is affectionate and romantic. He loves to show his love through gifts, physical touch, and acts of service.

Ragnar And Athelstan

Fans often confuse the spiritual relationship of Ragnar and Athelstan. The friendship of Ragnar and Athelstan is the most noticeable in the whole series. 

Despite their close bond, Ragnar and Athelstan come from vastly different worlds culturally. It is making their friendship unlikely but profound. Despite his humble origins as a monk, Athelstan gains favour from powerful men throughout the series.

Ragnar and Athelstan constantly teach each other, exchanging knowledge and skills that shape their roles in the Viking and Anglo-Saxon worlds. Despite initially being a slave, Athelstan saves Ragnar’s life. It showcases the evolution of their relationship from captor-captive to genuine friendship. Ragnars and Athelstan are considered best friends who understand the needs of each other well.