Techno Thriller Definition: Complete Answered! Read it later

The technological elements in the movies become trendy due to their influence in everyday life. The thriller story plots bring suspense, engagement, and consistent actions with unexpected situations. The techno thriller definition is about the thriller story with a plot that revolves around technological influence like military conflict or spying. It combines science fiction with political thriller. You can find bestselling novels, television series and movies in the techno thriller genre. The techno thriller books have technologically advanced stories with sci-fi elements. The famous authors of the techno thriller include Larry bond, Brett Arquette, Tom Clancy, and Michael Crichton. 

The techno thriller fiction genre starts back in the start of the 20th century. The techno thriller novelist mentions and inspires from the inventions of the 20th century in their books like airplanes, internet, rockets, and computers. The initial techno thriller story plots take inspiration from the cold war. The Cold war is the period from 1947 to 1991 that indicates the geopolitical tension of the US and Soviet Union. There was no fight between these superpowers in that time, but they encountered indirectly at the Korean war and Vietnam war. Read about What is Science Fiction in Literature?

The techno thriller theme with unique definition has a recognizable presence in the gaming industry. It associates the techno thriller with the horror and mysteries of monsters to challenge the players. The Resident Evil Game is a popular techno thriller horror game that gives zombies or monsters to fight or survive. 

Romance in Techno thriller 

You can find the protagonist’s mission and love story in the techno thriller. There is no dominant love story present in the techno thriller. The choices of the protagonist are about saving or surviving from danger. The main lead sacrificed against the fight for humanity’s survival. 

Techno Thriller Types 

The advancement in technology creates new categories of the techno thriller genre. The interaction of humans with the new technological improvement can raise different social or political issues. 

Cyberpunk Techno Thrillers

The cyberpunk techno thriller stories share the dark influence of technology that is set in the far future of humanity. The advancement of technology has a direct impact on the survival of humans. The Matrix film franchise is cyberpunk with a thrilling story plot to know the difference between the real world and artificial world. 

Military Techno Thrillers

Military technology thriller stories have military actions involved due to technology that has an impact on humanity. You can find alien invasions or human fights that start or resolve with advanced technology. Wargames is the best example of a military techno thriller with the story of a young hacker who accesses the military computer that can start the next world war. 

Biotech Techno Thriller

The biotech techno thriller involves genetic modification with biotech advancement that influences human race survival. It shares the awareness about the ethical and social choices due to biotech. Rise of the Planet of the Apes film franchise is the story of a genetically modified chimpanzee who becomes the leader of aps against human beings. 

Disaster Techno Thrillers

The disaster-based techno thriller story has the plot of survival of the protagonist from the catastrophe like nuclear explosion or natural disaster. It can be the combination of different disasters that can depict values or philosophy. The 2012 movie is the best example of a disaster movie with technology to save human beings. The protagonist protects his family to get a safe pass to the Ark.

Crypto Techno Thrillers

The rise of decentralized currency and its usage impacts the thriller story plot of the protagonist’s journey. Cryptocurrency is also used for the transaction of amounts on the dark web. The bitcoin popularity and increase in worth is technological advancement that can be noticed in several famous movies. Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King documentary covers the mysteries and secrets of the cryptocurrency exchange world.