What is Xenofeminism? Complete Answered Read it later

The change in technology impacts gender politics and the contemporary feminist movements. The traditional humanism challenges with our access to the technologies, artificial intelligence or biotechnology results in post-humanist. Posthumanism supports decentering humanism but also impacts technology empowerment. Posthumanism is highly relevant in the 21st century as we advance in technology. Katherine Hayles is a well recognized scholar of posthumanism about technology’s influence over human perseption. Katherine Haylies work influenced the other movements and critical theories of our present society. The assistant professor of the University of West London named Helen Hester has done research on Technofeminism and Xenofeminism. So, what is Xenofeminism? Xenofeminism is the contemporary feminism that abolishes our traditional gender roles with the posthumanism approach of Technological Empowerment and Alienation. Alienation is the social relationships conditions with less common value and high isolation.

The “xeno” is a Greek work which means strange or foreign and the word ‘feminism” means the support of women’s right for equal opportunities of both genders. Laboria Cuboniks is the collective of xenofeminism that challenges our conventional gender norms. Laboria Cuboniks has the purpose to create a new future through interaction. The Labobia Cuboniks interactions include authors from different fields like architecture, philosophy, art and techno feminism.