Batman Animated Films That Are a Must Watch Read it later

A big chunk of Batman’s on-screen time is about DC’s animated movies, and they have not disappointed. It is where live-action movies fall short of displaying superheroes in their fantastic, engaging action, and animated versions help them achieve their target in spectacular fashion. The Caped Crusader has appeared in countless movies since the 80s, with a magnificent selection of crime-fighting action to surprise fans and audiences alike. To help you with the action, story, and infinite character arcs, we provide a neat list below that fills with the hero’s presence.

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Gotham Knight

The film may consider a collection of live-action Dark Knight films. Gotham Knight is actually a combination of six separate stories, all revolving around Batman. Each of them is well done because Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman. Nobody does it better. Different artists & filmmakers have made each segment of the film & filmmakers, ensuring a unique animation style each time the stage changes.

The Long Halloween

This is a 2-part movie fill with active crime solving. Since it’s set around Halloween time, the air and weather prove to be quite harsh. Batman, Harvey Dent, and Commissioner Gordon work together to solve a series of murders centered around holidays. The role of Batman had to be passed on to another actor because Kevin Conroy death in 2021. Jensen Ackles is one of the two main guys from Supernatural. Jensen Ackles does a brilliant job of bringing justice to both Batman and his in-film role.

The Long Halloween does a fine job of Gotham’s sad underworld. He is forcing Batman to work as both Bruce Wayne and the Caped Crusader to take on political criminals and the more focused supervillains like Joker and Penguin. All this proves to work in the favor of the movie, making it the best choice to watch.

Batman: Year One

The film starts with Bruce Wayne having returned to Gotham. He stuck with corruption and injustice due to villains, thugs, and all manner of blames that the eye can see. Similarly, it also shows the struggle of a young Jim Gordon as he goes through his way to a clearly corrupt [Gotham City Police Department] GCPD. With both our heroes not agreeing to the preset system, the film depicts both Bruce and Jim often landing in hot waters with the city’s authorities, for good or bad.

Under the Red Hood

It is one of the most attractive stories to exist in the Batman universe or otherwise. Having been written by Judd Winick, Under the Red Hood is the story of the one Robin whom Batman couldn’t save in time. The movie starts off with Robin, or Jason Todd, tracking down Joker and his beloved Harley Quinn. Rush tends to get the better of Jason. He believes he has a lock on Joker. Enters a warehouse in the hopes of getting the Clown Prince of Crime.

He knows that this is actually a trap set by Joker, which works. The movie then portrays how the Joker uses his twisted humour to mentally torture Jason. Leaving him in the same warehouse in the end by placing time bombs. Unfortunately, Batman doesn’t get to Robin in time to save him from his approaching ruin. For better or worse, the course of the story then shows how the Lazarus Pit brings Jason back to life. He comes with hate for justice, especially Batman.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Set in a very different world from what we know, Batman Beyond is a representation of Gotham in the far future. Neo-Gotham introduces Terry McGinnis, a high school student who gets the pleasure of being mentored by Batman and uses a technologically advanced suit to become Batman Beyond.

When an old danger comes, old man, Bruce Wayne decides to step up Terry’s training and get him to do what he himself was unable to do; terminate The Joker villain. As the story goes on, audiences learn about the true story of what happened to Jason Todd and how big of a role The Joker played in eliminating the persona of the superhero Robin. The movie offers a quality visual while also being emotionally painful to go through. Read about Top 10 Martial Arts Manhwa now.


Stream those movies right now on your best medium, and get ready for hours of crime-fighting and heart-pumping action. Batman isn’t going away anytime soon, and there’s lots to appreciate the superhero for.