Semantic Error Chapter 79 [Complete Explained] Read it later

In Semantic Error Chapter 79, Jae Young does not find Sang Woo in the house. Jae goes outside to find Sang through the message of his friend. Sang calls Jae, and both start arguing. Sang’s phone battery ends, and Sang sits on the ground and starts missing Jae. 

Semantic Error is one of the best Manhwa BL dramas in the genre of School Romance. “Semantic Error” is a BL series featuring two university students engaged in a lively relationship. The plot revolves around Sang Woo, a serious programmer, and Jae Young, a rebellious artist. Their connection starts through pranks and arguments until they discover their feelings for each other are more complex. Their relationship journey is exciting as it progresses from anger to something more profound. Sang Woo and Jae Young decide to start a relationship despite challenges. In this article, we share details about the Semantic Error in Chapter 79.  Read about The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler now.

Semantic Error Chapter 79 Explained

Jae Young came to Sang Woo’s house. No voice came from the Sang Woo house. Jae checks the smartphone to confirm that Sang Woo is not at home. Sang is going to Yeon Seok street to play.Jae smiles as he sees the perfect fit for Sang Woo. Jae sits in the Car and feels jealous about this little game. Jae checks Sang Woo’s location using GPS. He calls Sag Woo, but the number is unavailable. Sang Woo sits in the club, and the guy beside him tries to approach him. Sang Woo grabs the guy’s hand. He twisted the guy’s arm and checked his phone. Sang Woo was shocked as he saw the notifications of Jae’s messages. 

Sang Woo calls the Jae. Jae is not happy with Sang Woo. Jae doubts their commitment to Yang Woo. Sang Woo hurts through the names of Jae. Jae becomes angry and asks Sang to share his location. Sang warns kJae to not mess with him. The situation gets more severe, but Sang does not share his location with Jae. 

Sang’s phone became dead. In the rush of anger, Sang orders a new glass of Martini. Sang Woo lost the count of his martini glasses. Jae gave the ID card instead of his credit card to pay his bills. Sang sits on the ground, remembering the song Jae used to listen to. Sang starts missing Jae. 

Interesting Facts 

The Semantic Error web novel now turns into an anime. If you don’t want to avoid reading a web novel, watching a drama with the same title is the best option. The setting of the manhwa is unique, with enemies to love story plot. 

Sangwoo x Jaeyoung

The dialogue between Sangwoo and Jae young is delightful. You can discover different fanart of Sangwoo and Jae young. Jaeyoung and Sangwoo meet at an art exhibition. Sangwoo removed Jae young’s name from a project, causing issues with Jaeyoung’s graduation. They work together on a mobile game project. Jaeyoung annoys Sangwoo consistently. Sangwoo supports Jaeyoung’s decision to go to France. Sangwoo stops Jaeyoung from leaving. They confess their feelings and start dating.