Fell into the Arms of a Mad Villain Spoilers [Explained] Read it later

Fell into the Arms of a Mad Villain Spoilers are about the connection of Lena’s ring with the Archduke’s ring. Lena reveals that she is the real Jueri. Isabella is Lena’s mother, who dies in the attack of Embria to protect Lena. 

Fell into the Arms of a Mad Villain is a romantic graphic fantasy historical novel that shares the story of a female lead who becomes the bridge of the Villain. The female lost her memory. The story moves the girl to recover her memory and find her father. 

You may need clarification about the change in the female protagonist’s name throughout the manga. The female lead loses her memory and forgets her name. As you see the graphic style, you can easily recognize the female lead. In this article, we share the Fell into the Arms of a Mad Villain story review and the latest spoilers of this suspense story. 

Fell into the Arms of a Mad Villain Story Review

A young girl named Lana falls from the sky into the arms of a mad villain. The villain asks the girl to be his bridge. The girl rides a bus, feels pain, and loses her memory. Lilian gets worried about seeing the desert in front of us. She asks the young man about him. The young boy is the expert in the West named Edwin Crawford. Edwin refers to him as Lilian’s future groom. 

Edwin is obsessed with killing people who have white hair. The female lead, Lilian, has silver hair due to her illness. Edwin kidnaps Lilian to torture her, but he falls in love with her. In the end, Edwin dies through the prince. 

The soldier asks Edwin about killing the opponent’s soldier. Edwin orders his soldier to kill them and bring Lilian to the city. Soon, they reach the Crawford Dukedom, and Edwin picks her up from the house. Cecil Milan is a trustworthy man of Edwin. Cecil asks Edwin about the young girl. He introduces Lilian as her bridge. Lilian asks Edwin to bring her down as she sits on his lap. Edwin tells the girl that he is not that scary. The young girl does not know her name and her past. The girl does not know her name or the reason for falling into Edwin’s arms. Edwin admires her jewel eyes and white hair. He moved forward and kissed her head. 

Edwin’s Bridge

Edwin is convinced that she will regain her memory soon. Edwin gives her the name Angelina because she is a god’s gift and looks like an angel. He does not leave anyone as long as the person becomes a corpse. Edwin never tells anyone his bridge from any of his kidnapped girls.

Liliane asks why she is the Bridge of Edwin. Edwin tells her that he got an oracle. The oracle mentions that Edwin has a short life until he marries a girl who falls from the sky. Edwin kills all the priests who gave that oracle. Edwin admires her jewel eyes. Jeweli is the race that inherited the blood of fairies. The emperor murders the fairy race, resulting in monsters appearing. 

Liliane becomes fearful about her future life. Edwin asks the bridge not to Scar. Edwin orders Celci to set up the arrangements for their marriage. He asks Liliane that he will remain by her side his entire life. Edwin cuts his finger through an engagement dagger and asks Liliane to drink his blood. He pinches the dagger in the finger of the bridge and drinks her blood, too. There is blood exchange, and they become blood engaged. 

Fell Into the Arms of a Mad Villain Chapter 24 Review

The young boy asks the young girl to participate in the Felicena Festival, a fish festival. The young boy knows that the girl loves to eat fish. 

Young boy, Edwin, takes care of the young girl, the mad dragon of the West. Edwin picks the girl in her hands and takes her to the festival. Everyone at the festival starts watching them. Everyone looks at the young girl, Lilian, who is beautiful. Lilian asks Edwin to go to the hotel. Edwin shows the sea to Lilian. Lilian moves towards the water with bare feet and invites Edwin to join her for fun.

Then, a ball came to hit Lilian, but Edwin saved her. The man who threw the ball went for an apology. Benjamin Ayes wants to offer adequate compensation as an apology. Edwin looks young, but he is mature. Edwin does not attack Benjamin Ayes in return. Lilian asks Edwin again to go back to the hotel. Edwin asks her to wait, and fireworks start, which makes Lilian happy. Then, demons come towards them, putting them in fear. 

Fell Into the Arms of a Mad Villain Chapter 36 Spoiler

Fell into the Arms of a Mad Villain

The Archduke’s ring has Isabelle’s memory. Edwin is suspicious that the jewel of the two rings has a connection. Lena asks if Isabelle’s ring breaks and the Archduke’s ring has its power. Isabella and Jueri can transform the existing gems through gemstone techniques. Lena worries about meeting the Archduke. Archduke is not Lena’s birth father. Edwin says it is OK if she does not want to meet Archduke. 

The rings of Archduke and Lena have a connection. Edwin and Lena meet the Archduke. The Lens’s ring is from Isabella. The Archduke refers to Lena as her daughter. She sees the sight of her father in him. Lena is an adopted girl, but she receives love from his parents. 

Lena accepts that the owner of this ring is Isabella. Isabella is the mother of Lena. Lerna puts her life at stake and tells Archduke that she is Jueri. The Archduke is surprised and wants to know more about Jueri. Read aboutb Record of the Mightiest Lord now.

Fell Into the Arms of a Mad Villain’s Latest Spoiler

In the latest Fell into the Arms of a Mad Villain Spoilers, Edwin explains to Archduke that there is no survivor from Embria. Edwin’s father protects Jueri even if Barbarians do not attack. Lena interrupts and reveals the emperor’s real intentions to end the Jueri. The emperor brings the barbarians to Crawford’s territory and involves the duke in a fight. The Crawford family knows the people of Jueri. 

The archduke asks how Lena survived for about 15 Years. Lena asks that she fall from the sky into Edwin’s arms. Edwin mentions that the past is not essential for him. Edwin wants to protect his bridge. The Archduke also shares the secret with Edwin and Jueri. Archduke reveals that the empress dies due to poison, not through illness. No one knows the cause of the murder because the servant who poisoned it also failed. Archdukes fight enemies in defense. When he meets Isabella, she has already passed away. Archduke left the palace for 17 years to find the killer of Isabella. Jueri says with pain that Isabella came to Embria to protect her.