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Cat in the Chrysalis Spoiler confirms the death of Edwin from the order of King Benson. The Edwin identifies the brutality of the King. The Edwin demands the King to admit the murder of the previous king in parliament. King Boston gives the prince Edwin an offer to protect the life of his fiance Kit Gerald. 

Cat in Chrysalis is a romance graphic novel that covers the story of an older sister, a young girl and her husband with the exchange of letters. The revealing of the cat’s true identity is on the journey of self awareness. The graphic story has engaging dialogues that share the different ways to express love in different challenging situations. The manhwa has a unique metaphor of a cat that goes with the different character transformations. We will update the article as the new chapters of this romantic graphic novel come out. 

Cat in the Chrysalis Story Review

A beautiful young girl dreams about a handsome man who goes away with the sunset. Suddenly, she wakes up in the library through a handsome man. The name of the handsome man is Lonnie Black, who is a tailor in a successful boutique.The girl is in love with a man named Prince Edwin. The beautiful girl is the embarrassment of the family because her mother dies after the death of her birth. She falls in love with Rosaline Gerald when she goes to the library for six months. The young man reads the book named Chrysalis and dies due to the accident of his carriage. Young man is the price but his funeral remains small. The young lady decides to accept the proposal of the other man named, Rosaline Gerald, who seems kind at first but betrays her later.

Time Slip of Protagonist

Kit Gerald wakes up in the past where her sister wakes her up. Kit becomes 18 years old and Lonnie Black comes to give her the proposal. She rejects the proposal of Lonnie Black in front of her father Rosaline Gerald. Kit runs towards the library to meet Edwin at sharp 4pm. She rushes towards Edwin and touches his face while crying. Edwin pushes her back and rudely talks to her. Kit Gerald sleeps and wakes up the next day, 3rd october, 263. Kit decides to protect the young man and meet Edwin in the library. She tries to convince him to not go through the carriage but Edwin yells at her about her nonsense behavior.  Prince Edwin asks the reason from Kit to help her if this story is real. Kit admits that she’s in love with Edwin. 

Prince Edwin becomes angry and feels more inclined to get in the carriage. He replies to Kit that he decides to die by falling off the carriage. Prince wants death because it gives him salvation. 

Chapter 49 Spoiler

In the Cat in the Chrysalis Spoiler of chapter 49, Benson Windsor is told to kill the young Edwin in jail. The young boy starts crying because his elder brother is too harsh on him. Edwin becomes mature but still in jail waiting for the beautiful young lady.

Cat in the Chrysalis manhwa

This time situation is different. The Prince Edwin stands in the room and kit is on the bed in the worst health. The Prince Edwin goes to the court to submit the appeal because the court decides to execute Lonnie this afternoon. The executors kill Lonnie according to the orders of the court while Prince Edwin rushes to stop the executors. Read about City of Witches Novel now.

Cat in the Chrysalis Latest Spoiler

The Lonnie Black goes to King Benson and yells at the King. The King invites Prince Edwin to eat with him but he wants to know the reason to kill Edwin soon. Prince Edwin has the idea that Lonnie Black may confess his truth. The Prince Edwin wants to become a king and decides to live with the kit. The Edwin thinks about the cruel mission of king Benson to take the throne from him. The Edwin regrets his decision to be affectionate with the King. 

The Benson king adds fuel to the fire by saying to the Edwin that he kills his father, the previous King. The Edwin demands the Benson king to tell his evil deeds to the parliament. The King replies with the confidence that nobody is going to believe the truth. The whole kingdom trusts the king due to his work. The Edwin warns King that he will find the proof of the poison. King Benson asks the Edwin to give up exchange of the Kit’s heath. It is not clear in the 50th chapter that King Benson is going to kill the Edwin or not.