The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler [Complete Explained] Read it later

The Devil raises a lady spoiler about the attack of the Rosell family on Ayana and Cecilia. The attackers decide to take Cecilia alive. One of the attackers is about to kill Ayana. Diabel attacks through an arrow on the attackers and saves the life of Lady Ayana. 

The Devil Raises a Lady is a unique story that covers the story of a lady and her encounter with her bodyguard, who has devil characteristics. The story brings the fantasy, romance, regression, and devil attributes of the lover of the main lead. This Manhwa gets the lady’s revenge from the enemy family with the help of his devil bodyguard, Diabel. In this article, we share the Devil Riases A Lady story review and the latest spoilers of the story

The Devil Raises a Lady Story Review

A beautiful young girl locks up in a jail, and a handsome young prince named Erez Rosel comes with a lamp in his hand. He asks the young lady about the food she does not eat. The young girl yells at Erez Rosel. She clears the price that her intention is not to plead him for mercy. The young girl had a plan to kill Erez Rosel because he blamed the betrayal of the family of the young girl for the last 13 years. 

Eryssel warns the young girl to surrender because he will put her on Gallow if she rejects. He will spare the life of the girl if she offers. The girl starts laughing and explains that she is unafraid of the Erez. The girl regrets not killing Erez. Erez Rosel is about to leave, and the young girl asks him about her bodyguard named “Diabel.”

Diabel is Bodyguard

The young princes survive the war for 13 years due to her enemies, Rosell’s Family, and her bodyguard, “Diabel.” Diabel protects the prince from the enemies and helps her escape from them. Enemies capture Diabel, and then the princess decides to surrender. Suddenly, the door opened, and the princess thought she was about to be in the gallows. 

Diabel comes from the front, and Lady Ayana is surprised to see him. Diabel has no scars, no wounds, and no scratching in clothes. He asks the lady about the story of two lovers living in the enemy’s prison; the male lead misunderstands the female lead’s death and dies. Diabel asks further about the lady if the lady Ayana makes different choices. 

Lady Ayana is surprised to see the change in Diabel’s gaze. Diabel offers the lady a new chance to give her another life. 

Lady Ayana thought that Diabel worked for the enemies. But Diabel knows he can no longer help her if the soldiers come. Lady Ayana contracts with Diabel to take revenge on the Rosel Family. Lady thinks Diabel betrayed her because she does not support the lady without a contract. She does not want Diabel to cross her because he is her only hope to take revenge. 

The Devil Raises a Lady story

Time Slip of Lady Ayana

Then, the Lihaf family’s servant, an old lady named Sophia, came into the room, and woke the lady, Ayana. The father of the Ayana came after a long time. The lady servant brings Ayana to wash her face. Ayana is surprised to see herself young once again. Ayana is surprised to see everyone in his family alive, including lord Lloyd, sister Cecilia, and Blair. Cecilia hugs Ayana and calms her down. Lord Lloyd welcomes the father with greetings. Suddenly, Diabel comes from behind, and the father introduces Diabel as the guard of the Lihaf family. Lady Ayana sees Diabel with anger, which is her first encounter. 

After a few months, Lady Ayana sits at the window at night, thinking about her expected future. Her family starts to eradicate after Diabel comes into their lives. Aldy Ayana marries the second son of the Pashito Marquis. Their second son is trash. They decide to marry Lady Ayana and demand a boy from her. Aldy Ayana became sick after giving birth to a son. Diabel came to Lady Ayana and saved her life from her in-laws. Her in-laws decide to attack her as she runs away with Diabel. After a few years, an epidemic comes that becomes the cause of the Passito family’s death. Lady Ayana became the royal ruler of Baron Passito’s House. Then, her purpose is to take revenge. She goes for assassinations, plans, and wars. Ayana becomes so happy to reunite with her family and does not want to lose them again. 

Ayana calls Diabel to her room. She mentions that she came into the past due to the Contract with Diabel. Ayana asks Diabel how he turns the time backward. Diabel hesitantly states that he is the royal knight of lady Ayana and the Devil. 

The Devil Raises a Lady Chapter 19 Spoiler

In the Devil Raises a Lady, chapter 19 Spoiler, the father count offers the young man wine, but he refuses to drink it. The young man asks for forgiveness from Ayana and the count. The father urges Ayana to go inside the house before Rosell’s attack. Ayana wants her brothers to go with her, but the father says they are men who can manage the situation. Later that night, Ayana orders Diabel to bring spices to the interrogation room. She wants to threaten the young man by herself. 

Lady Ayana and her sister sit all night waiting for the upcoming attack. The father wants Ayasna and her sister to leave the palace. Ayana does not sit in the carriage and looks for Diabel. Diable informs Ayana that the young man does not reveal his identity. The young man’s betrayal is because he has a big debt through gambling. The young man named Wilhelm sets a plan to bring the enemies to enter the palace. Diabel wants to leave, but Ayana asks him to stay with him because she trusts him. Diabel confesses that his master is Ayana, and he wants to be with her. 

The Devil Raises a Lady Chapter 20 Spoiler 

In the latest The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler, the sister is suspicious about the common clothes, the dress of guard knights, and the common car. Her sister, Cecilia, seems worried about tomorrow’s party. Then suddenly, someone attacked the royal cart, and both sisters got concerned. Some soldiers open the door, and Ayana recognizes those soldiers as the Russell Family’s guard who attacked thirteen years ago. Get to know about Cat in the Chrysalis Spoiler now.

The guys who attack them do not hide their faces because they are unafraid. The attacks want to bring Cecilia alive and decide to kill the lady, Ayana. Lady Ayana is ready to sacrifice herself for the protection of her family. Then, Diabel starts attacking from behind through an arrow on the kidnappers. Diabel asks Ayana why she is always in trouble in his absence.