Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 Explained Read it later

Record of the Mightiest Lord is the popular Manhua that brings historical action, fantasy, Harem and Martial arts. Manhuas are Chinese graphic novels that cover every genre. Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 gives the complete direction about the plot direction of the main lead. The young man is an aristocrat who comes at Solon city to inform the Count about the death of the king Calvin Orlando. Young man gets one thousand coins in exchange for removing his surname “Orlando.” Richard Orlando buys the outlander slaves from the Count Augustus to get set up his territory. Young man defeats the strongest barbarian slave and convinces them to work for him. Below, I will explain the complete explanation of this interesting chapter. 

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 Scenes

The protagonist comes to Solon city. The original owner of the body of this young adult hero takes over through some magical power. The young boy beats to death and his body immediately comes under the control of this magical power. The owner of the young man’s body is the Bastard of the Orlando Family. It became the starting point of his life, “The mightiest lord system.”

The young man immediately goes to the castle to meet the king and give him the news about the death of the king’s father, Calvin Orlando. The next successor of Solon city is Wenger Orlando, who is the half-brother of the king. 

The Count Augustus demands the young man to give up on the family name Orlando because the young man is the illegitimate son of Calvin Orlando. The King offers the five hundred coins to the young man named Richard Orlando to remove his family name “Orlando.” Count Augustus refuses the offer and demands more money. Then, the king offers one thousand gold coins, and the deal happens. The king offers the money to young man money so that he can build his own territory.

Buy Barbarian Slaves

Richard Orlando demands the king to buy barbarian highlander slaves. King Calvin Orlando admires the bravery and strength of the slaves but warns Richard Orlando about their rebellious nature. King offers the young man 2 Coins for a single slave. A king’s servant takes the young man to the colosseum. They came to the colosseum with the servant through the royal horse cart. The young man excites about getting the permit to set up his own territory. He recalls his life story of learning martial arts and combat with a desire to become a knight. They meet a fat lady servant who talks with the young man.

The fat servant thinks that the young man comes here to watch the fight. She explains him about the strength of Barbarian slaves. Fat lady further warns the young body that he cannot take these string slaves with his small body. Then, she shows the young man a crocodile and mentions that barbarian slaves killed crocodiles earlier. 

The fat lady again warns him that those Slaves kill wild boars with just 2 or 3 punches. The young man becomes more excited about meeting the slaves because it is what he wants. Richard Orlando rushes towards the ground to see the slaves and is ready to evaluate his three-year training. 

Fight Offer

With a loud voice, the young man calls the outlanders and gives them the offer to fight with him. If the outlanders win against the young body, they will get their freedom. A tall and muscular outlander named Highlander accepts the offer of a young man. The fat lady servant starts yelling to the other servant to stop the young aristocrat from fighting against the best outlander fighter. The other servant mentions that it is not her responsibility to protect the young male protagonist. All the male outlanders start laughing at the young man and expect the young man to lose the fight with ease. Russell says that he does not show any mercy and then attacks on the young man with full strength. He picks the young up and throws him away within a second. The ground breaks and the young man lays down with closed eyes. 

The fat lady worries about the compensation of the ground break. Suddenly, the young man grabs the ankle of Russell and attacks Russell with his punch. Russell fell down from the ground and the young man enhanced his powers. Russell attacks the young man with full force. Young man grabs his arms and throws him away. Russell refuses to accept his defeat and asks the young man to try once again. The barbarian slaves’ shocks about the failure of the Russell and then, the young man gets control over the arm of Russell. This time, a young man hit his body two times from the ground. 

Russell still does not want to give up, but other outlanders ask Russell to accept defeat. A lady outlander from behind says with the loud word to the young man that she will fight for him.