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Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years chapter 23 is turning point for story. The story is about a story of a young man who finds himself lost in a new world of gods. The manga has the best graphics that appeal to the viewers. It has action, comedy, fantasy, adventure and a single male lead with many females. 

Han Jue, the protagonist of “Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years,” is the Immortal God of the Reroll World, Overlord of the Hidden Sect, and the Creator of the Ultimate Origin Realm. He holds the titles of the Strongest of Chaos and the Heir of Creation Will. He’s known as both the ancestor of the Hidden Sect and the “Dark Forbidden Lord,” a secretive and feared immortal cultivator who uses curses from the Book of Misfortune to cause agonizing deaths to his enemies. Han Jue’s journey starts with his reincarnation from Earth into a cultivation world and his pursuit of eternal life. The important vents happen in Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23.

Other Characters

Xing Hongxuan: She is the first woman introduced in a novel, develops deep feelings for Han Jue through acts of giving and devotion across different lives, eventually leading to her conceiving a special child.

Xuan Qingjun: She is a talented cultivator with an Innate Dao Heart, conceals her true identity as a Demon Lord’s mortal body, traversing the world to consolidate her Dao Heart. She becomes infatuated with Han Jue, her Dao companion, while embarking on various adventures.

Qing Luan’er: She is a woman who started as a maid in Han Jue’s household, eventually marries him and they raise a family together in a mortal world. After her death, Han Jue keeps her soul and later resurrects her.

Fairy Xi Xuan: The story revolves around a woman who becomes the first female to remain indifferent to Han Jue’s appearance.

Li Yao: She is a cautious cultivator with a nature similar to Han Jue, rises through the ranks of the Hidden Sect, eventually becoming Han Jue’s fourth wife and bearing his third son.

You can read what happened in the Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years to understand chapter 23 proper. 

Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23

There is a numinous treasure hidden in the depths of his soul. The numinous treasure is severely injured because it protected him now in order to repair itself. It unconsciously absorbs the spirit of Chijo fan while he cultivates causing his cultivation speed to be extremely slow.

Currently the numinous treasure is about to be successfully repaired, hunger gets impressed when he sees the origin of his conniving Providence and wonders about him as the protagonist of a novel. He thinks of helping him now but is confused on the one hand he is thinking helping him because he is a protagonist and helping him would benefit Hanju in the future. On the other hand, he is thinking of not doing it because the side characters die just because of the protagonist. So he decides to forget it as cultivation is important for him right now and thinks of Johann to believe in himself.

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Eight years have passed in the fire spiritual pool Hanjua thinks about the inner assessment test. It is about to begin he is wondering about his Chi and the different levels of his cultivation potential including the ninth level of the foundational establishment Realm. He notices Johan with his sweaty heart who is holding an umbrella he is quite upset and his sweaty heart apologies to him, tells him that he is a good guy and walks away.

Anjua thinks that one should focus on his cultivation so he can have fewer headaches while Johan stops him there Hanju asks him about the matter.

He shows his doubts about the identity of Hanju to which he agrees then Johan introduces himself to Hanjui. He tells him that senior Mo often mentions him and I have been looking for him.

Secretly cultivate for a thousand years – Chapter 24

Hanjua thinks of Mo and what he has done like in a novel situation. It is like this he can escape from the situation. Johan bows down in front of him and asks him if he heard Hanju is so popular among girls. That’s why he would like to ask how he can win the hearts of girls. Hanjua thinks that he wonders if he is coming to fight with him. Joe begs him to help him but Hanju asks him to leave. He can have the world if he obtains the great Dao. He asks him if he has ever seen him get close to a girl. This is something that he would need to comprehend. That happen due to Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23.

Joe says that my heart which just stopped suddenly moved. Hanjio walks away thinking how he can compare his looks with mine and the system gives him an update. That zoy has a good impression of him and it shows 15 Stars which hund you at considers ridiculous. Hanjuan notices that they have summoned all the disciples maybe because of an inner assessment test.

He hears a voice and when he looks back he sees the black-haired rectangular shaped senior brother who asks him about shin Hong shin. He wonders how he knows that manager Lou asks Hanju if he knows Xing. Hong shin to which he replies no but he wonders why he asked him if he knew her. Hanjua further thinks that over the years Lou followed the set master in the ten thousand demon realm and secretly fought the cult. He further explains that the reason they are unharmed is because of information provided by a converted spy in the cult due to receiving the information. 

Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years – Chapter 29

The said Master pretended to belong to the Jade pure sect but in fact was out to Ambush the cult within the ten thousand demon realms. He shows his gratitude for having him as his senior brother Lou further explains that the said converted spy of the verodesian nether cult is xinhan shin. That happen due to power from Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23.

She was forced to take some poison at a young age and threatened to enter the Jade pure set as a spy. She was always unwilling and hated it and once she even tried to steal a recipe from an outer set. Alchemist to find an antidote. Hanjua thinks that this girl is very good at distinguishing right from wrong and abandoning the darkness to seek the light.

Lou further tells hanju that Shing was later saved by the master for her meritorious action. The master made an exception and allowed her to become a disciple of the intersect.

Hanjua thinks that she is so awesome and truly a role model for his generation. Lou further explains that she is now training under set Masters Junior sister daoist in the main Peak previously. When they met she was asking about a disciple named Hanjua The Alchemist servant he mockingly says it just so happens that they find a disciple named Hanju and

Lou further tells him that he didn’t expect him to have such cultivation potential. Lou thinks that it’s an honour that he chose the Jade Serene Peak over going to a better Peak. 

Secretly Cultivate for a thousand years – Chapter 35

Continue from Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23, They assure him that they will do their best to provide him with the best resources. Hanji feels guilty as he didn’t expect her to have such a difficult life. He thinks he doesn’t deserve so much favour from her since she likes him so much he hopes. 

She doesn’t face any more hardships in future. The scene switched to the master as the intersection assessment was about to begin. Every Peak must send at least 10 disciples who are willing to participate this time. everyone is so eager to join the assessment Hanjua wonders what the reward is for this Ming explains to him that the reward is not small. Besides the inheritance of the Jade stream there are also 500 top quality Spirit Stones and a Spirit Ice Pier Jade stream is a unique technique of jet purification that only a select few can learn. Hanju wonders if that’s all and no mention of the canonate cave abode is it. Some special reward from the master

He thinks that everyone is so enthusiastic and he should also show his support so that people never think that he is not in the same group.

He raised his hand and was immediately selected and Hanjua felt trapped. Everyone is astonished and Meng thinks the sun rose from the West today as Hanjua also wants to participate Hanjus says no to that selection and explains that he only raised his hand to show his support but the master tells him that it doesn’t matter. He gets selected because he raises his hand and asks everyone else who wants to participate the master announces that the quota is set. 

Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years – Chapter 38

He asks everyone to leave but tells Hanjua to stay the crowd is leaving and discussing the private meeting between the master and Hanjua the master of Praises Hanju mentioning that his cultivation has improved once again.

Even with these three attributes he is cultivating them at an outstanding pace. He is probably the fastest in the Jade pure sect Hanjia gives all the credit to the master telling her that it’s because of her good teaching and thanking her.

The master mocks him saying that she doesn’t teach him anything as both the cultivation technique and sword technique don’t belong to the Jade pure sect. She mentions that he must have learned it from someone else. He has been cultivating diligently and has no intentions of harming the sect. She says that some people testify that

He was born in the outer sect and had a huge opportunity when he was young. Hanjue is shocked to hear that the master. It says that everyone is destined to get opportunities of All Sorts so she won’t ask further but wants to tell him that for this intersect assessment he can demonstrate his strength without any worries and he doesn’t have to be afraid of attracting troubles. It comes from the spirit power of Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23.

Hanjua shows his gratitude and the master tells him to avoid any kind of trouble from today. He will be her personal disciple. Hanju shock with a window appears telling him. His status in the Jade pure sect has risen and he has received a Nine Dragons devil expelling seal. Hanjua thanks his master. She gives a personal Jade medal for safety and asks her to leave, Hanju inherits nine Dragon devil expelling seals.

Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years – Chapter 39

His current progress is 100. This is the third magic spell that he has learned. It is almost like a palm technique to him. Hanjua finds that using it with different Spirit energies. It can bring out different effects it is interesting to him Hanjua. It thinks that he has another trump card up his sleeves although he is still not completely familiar with it.

With the three Shadow sword techniques he should be fine. The master said that there are no limitations during battle. But the destructive power of these two techniques is too great. So he decides he should not use any of them at all. As far as heat and sight go he doesn’t really have much. He can do your appearances and tells Hanjua that the intersection assessment is about to begin. If he is confident in himself. Hanju is astonished and says good morning to you and asks her how she got in here. She also asks him if this is his first time taking part in the intersect assessment.

The master is afraid that he may not know about the rules. So she specifically sends her here to explain them to him. She tells him that all 18 pictures have been set up in an arena. All the disciples will go from Peak to Peak to battle amongst each other until the top 10 emerges. Hope you understand Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23 well.