Why did Robin save Luffy? Complete Answered! Read it later

One piece is the famous Japanese manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda. Eliichiro is a professional mangaka inspired by the manga artist Fujiko Fujio. The story of one piece is of the rubber made guy named Luffy who moes from the East Blue Sea to find the treasure named “one piece” with a dream to be the best pirate in the world. The crew members of Luffy are Nami and Zorro. They make a team named Straw Hat Pirates with different adventures in the ocean and Luffy becomes the captain. Nico Robin is the seventh member, archaeologist of Straw hat pirates and joins the crew at the end of Arabasta Arc. So, Why did Robin save Luffy? Robin saves the life of Luffy because she is selfless, loyal, betrays Corcodile and has a heartbreaking backstory. 

Luffy is fighting against the crocodile without knowing his powers and about to die in the desert until Nico Robin comes to save his life. 

Does Nico Robin love Luffy?

Robin does not love Luffy in a romantic way. Robin likes Luffy as her captain and values his bold personality. Luffy convinces Robin to live even after everyone in her life betrayed her. 

Luffy is struggling and needs people in her life for trust. You can see the devotion of Robin for Luffy in different events of One Piece. Robins cares about Luffy most in the crew and associates with her motherly. You can even relate Robin with Luffy as a sister. 

Franky is the ship builder and repairer for the Straw hat pirates with a struggling past as Robin. Franky is the 8th member to join after the Post-Enies Lobby Arc. The cover page of the 957th show has the Franky arms around Robin. Frank comes with his team to fight against the Straw Hat crew but the circumstances change and he aligns with Luffy. 

Franky’s family abandoned him when he was four years old. So, Frank joins the Tom workers and becomes a cyborg as a result of heavy body damage. 

Nico Robin and Crocodile

Nico Robin is a dedicated archeologist who joins the Baroque Works to learn about the Poneglyph of Alabasta. It is the history knowledge that is removed from the records. Nico Robin encounters the Crocodile at the Baroque works organization. Crocodile is the founder of the Baroque works that have the purpose to give him power His identity is not known to anyone except Nico Robin. 

Crocodile is on a mission to find the poneglyph from Alabasta kingdom. Crocodiles use Nico Robin to solve the poneglyph that gives information about the ancient weapon Pluton. Crocodile does not consider Noico Robin as freind. Robin and Crocodile have a good understanding for each other that makes a better business partnership. Crocodiles value her intelligence, praise and thinking abilities. Robin manages crocodile’s casino and rain dinners. 

Crocodile attacks Robin because Robin betrays crocodile despite his second in command. Robin tells wrong about the poneglyphs that it gives information about the history of Alabasta. She hides the information of poneglyphs from the crocodile. Robin attacks the crocodile to save the luffy from the crocodile’s attack. 

Nico Robin Backstory

Nico Robin is on the mission to complete the research that sacrifices her fellow archeologists and mother. We can know about Robin’s backstory through her flashback memories throughout manga or animation series. Nocro Robin grows up in the Ohara Island where archaeologists live. She faced bullying due to her powers of Devil fruit. The world navy came and killed the scholars to get the knowledge of forbidden information. Robin escapes the Island and sees everyone who she knows is dead. Everyone wants to use or get Robin to get the price of her bounty. Read about Is Tim Drake Gay in Gotham Knights now.