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“Crowning a Spoiled Prince” is a manhwa (Korean comic) that has been published digitally in English by Tapas Media since January 26, 2023. The story is written by Wheedrian and the art is by Jonadan. It is a fantasy romance with a time travel theme.

The story follows Regina, who becomes the regent for her young brother after their father—the emperor—was assassinated. Despite her best efforts, the empire’s vaults are emptied due to her brother’s reckless spending. On top of that, she discovers that her fiancé is cheating on her. In her final moments, Regina uses the first emperor’s memento to turn back time and vows to become an even bigger brat than her brother to prevent the errors of her past.

We share the best spoilers, chapters and reviews about this engaging royal, romance and magic based manhawa. There are resources on the internet available like mangatoto where you can read crowning a spoiled Prince online for free. You have to watch the ads that websites show on the screen. 

Crowning a spoiled Prince novel review and updates

The novel is the best choice for readers that love to see the double life impact of a female protagonist. Some readers find the novel engaging with best dialogues and twisted story. The one princess is against her fiance.

The princess lost all her people and her empire, and fought with the sword until the moment of her death in her previous life

She dies, but when she wakes up, she has returned to a time when everyone is all right. It is the beginning of the collapse of the empire. After a series of accidents, she suddenly became a protector from a maniac. So the empire began to play in the hands of traitors. To prevent the same thing from happening again, they stop Theor from becoming a Hogu!

Crowning a Spoiled Prince – Chapter 27

The princess and fiance stand in front of the dying black wolf. We can see the two pups of the wolf that the princess decided to take with her. The princess and the Fiance move towards the front door of the castle. The princes decide to start the fireworks that look beautiful in the dark night. Evently, the castle starts burning. 

The Fiance asks about the liquor that the princess takes inside the castle. She mentions that the purpose of this tiny liquor bottle is investigation. The castle is on fire due to the protection due to stopping the spread of disease. She believes that the Canian looks as amazing as the Doran Castle. Suddenly, the prince notices someone coming from the bushies through the jungle side. 

The group of people come to fire the castle but they apologise for disturbing her. The old man tells the princess that her purple eyes are proof of her being a princess Legina. The princess explains that she started the fire to show Lord Aron beautiful things. 

Suddenly, the scar of a woman and a man disappears. The people become healthier. The Old man explains that the princess risked her life to burn the castle to protect the emperor. She also protects the town people from blame. Princess mentions that fire does not make it through the jungle. 

Annita observing

A girl sits on the royal chair standing instant after knowing about the burned Doran castle. She asks about the nightmare from Annita who says that he is sorry about it. The girl stands up and tells Annita about getting a black wolf. She wants to know the middle name of the imperial family. Then she talked about the difficult situation of the duke due to the princess. 

The princess is in the search of a Danilan flower and the princess does not want to meet her. 

That girl decided to take the Prince Duke to her side to break off the engagement. She needs to do something to change the present situation of the prince duke. Then, she tells Annita to leave the situation to her. Read about Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 23 now.

Crowning a Spoiled Prince – Chapter 28

The princess tells her little sister about setting the castle on fire. Princess needs to give a test for her fitness. Her little sister is upset because she lost all the secret exits that she creates. Princess’ little sister was not allowed to go outside because of her. Princess suggests her little sister create new ways inside the castle. She asks her little sister to go with her to the night market to get chicken skewers. 

 Her little sister, Thore, asks the princess to go so that she can get the best grades. The princess share the lord Aron is in the training house Vestien hall. The prince is known as the First Sword of Elias and dies in the previous life of the princess. Then, the princess decides to leave the palace for the prince besides the order to bring in a fitness test. 

Princess Rumors

The rumor spreads that the princess falls in love with Prince Aron and breaks her engagement from Lord Herman. The Aron elder brother asks him about his relationship with highness. He replies that he can not say. Aron has no intention to be with the princess and has no mission to break off her engagement. She may want to be with Aron to reject every proposal that she recieve. 

Women show less interest in Aron when they see him with the princess. His brother explains to him about the protection of the princess from any harm. His brother also warns him to not let the princess fall in love with him. 

Then father came and everyone went to the dining table. His father is going to meet his uncle. Prince Aron did not tell the father about the princess due to his contract till the winter with the princess. 

Then a girl came with a beautiful yellow dress and asked your prince aron about his relationship with the princess. Aron doesn’t like anyone touching him except the touch of your highness. 

Crowning a Spoiled Prince – Chapter 36

The princess is preparing herself for the ball. Princess is tired of the arrangements for her birthday. She does not want to be busy on the birthday of the prince. The birthday of the prince is in winter. 

The king speaks to the whole audience about the celebration of his daughter’s birthday. The princess wants to confess her love in his event. She wants to connect with the house vestein. 

The king remembered the talk of his father to let the princess be with Lord Aron. The princess goes to the party hall and joins the prince aron for dance. The princess finds Aron beautiful in the tension of starting a new relationship. 

Then the princess did not allow her little sister to take alcohol at the party. Then, Miss Annatta appears and congratulates the princess about her birthday. She also presents a gift to the princess. The gift is a necklace that Miss Annatta designed specially for the princess.