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Chapter 11

When Hanju asks him about the number of disciples in the intersect he says he is unsure because the people in the outer sect have no idea what’s happening inside hesitates and asks if the Jade pure sect has a place for one to cultivate fire and lightning Qi. 

He gets to know that there is not any place in the outer sect but there should be in the intersect the warden on these wonders of the hanju has the lightning spiritual qi he says to hanjua that since it is rare if he has special Chi the sect can provide him with special treatment. You can get top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 18 decisions on this chapter.

Hanju used his power to convince the sect Warden to make an exception and talk to the Elder Hall. The sect Warden Jan luo takes him to an old man who wants hanju to go through the assessment of spiritual qi. The sect Warden asks the old man about the return of the great Elder and learns that he has not returned yet.

Hanju is anxious and wondering if the assessment means his sixth spiritual Qi potential will be found out. It would not be good if they found out that he has six types of spiritual qi he is considering keeping a low profile to suppress some of his spiritual qi the sect.

Warden tells the old man that Hanjua has Thunder cultivation and asks him to show the lightning. Hanjua offers them his three types of cultivation potential: fire, wind and lightning.

Chapter 12

It is sitting in a yoga meditation pose thinking that usually people can cultivate only one type of spirit root but for someone like me who has all six attributes I am required to put in more effort than others. The sensation of him getting stronger makes him realize that his lifespan is also increasing one of his primary goals. Suddenly the sect Warden appears and apologises to Hanjua for making him wait for half a year. He tells him about the return of the great Elder. He gets amazed when I ask him if he has not left the room since then Hanju is wondering why half a year has passed. Hanju is in front of a fat man sitting on the floor the old man insect Warden tell him about.

Hanju and how unique he is and that he cannot be compared to anybody. The fat man tells him to find a master if he wants to enter the intersection. There are 18 coaching elders and if anybody becomes fond of Hanju he can directly become an intersect disciple if not the other way to become a disciple of the intersect is to participate in the competition. He established the foundation as soon as possible. Hanju tells him that he understands everything and is now ready to go with the fat man on their way. The fat man tells him that each Elder has his or her Personality.

Some want to keep it low profile someone to stand out and some go out and take Missions. He asks Hanju about his training style preference and tells him that he would like to be low profile, the fat man tells him. 

Chapter 13

The Jade Serene part will suit him if a hugger bird flies over them and catches Haugen’s attention ahead of them is the inner Jade pure sect. There the practitioner flies over their swords, the fat man tells him not to admire them and tells him about the pure intersection. Hanju is amazed after seeing the intersection as he initially thought of it as a small place. It is enormous the old man tells Hanju to take care because if he falls, he can die even if he is at the ninth level of the retirement Realm.

Finally, they reach the Jade Serene Park and Hanjua discovers that the park is too short and has fewer disciples. The reason is that the master of this park fairy shishian likes to cultivate peace and silence she does not allow her disciples to have feelings for one another.

He asks Hanjui if he wants to change his mind, but Hanjua says this park truly suits him and the fat man takes him inside the Serene Jade Park. He introduces him to the master of the park.

The Master inquiries about Hanjua joining her park and tells him that the Jade Serene Park has a handsome disciple the system shows Hanju as favorability for the master. It suddenly drops when the master asks him to show his ability and when he does that the system shows his favorability for the master.

Increasing again the master asks him if he only gets that move to which he replies yes. The master informs him that his technique isn’t bad and allows him to stay at Jade Serene Park Famine then leaves the scene showing high hopes for Hanju. 

Chapter 14

The master stares at him straight faced and hanju is confused when a girl appears and tells Hanju to bow down and acknowledge the master. He immediately falls to his knees and greets the master. The master laughs and tells Yuri to take Hanju to the intersection to register him. It is a lot of cave Abode you would consider Hanju his younger brother and ask him. He knows how to ride a sword to which he replies that he has yet to learn that then she grabs him, and they ride on a sword during which EUR introduces herself as chanyeur. It shows her concern about helping him as a newcomer terrified, Hanjua thanks her and tells her to ask if she needs help.

You’re as happy and thinks she will never let anyone bully his younger brother she also remembers her past and mentions. Achieving this position took her five years.

Hanjua believes that all females at Jade Serene Park are the same. You show him his cave Abode where he can cultivate peace and Hanjua thanked her once again.

Hanju is worried he is feeling the pressure this time the more he learns about cultivation the More. He knows its gaps and becomes impatient he thinks his master is a nascent Soul realm and that level is far beyond his reach famine appears. It tells Hanjua that someone taught him that the gap between the inner and outer gender is vast. He is only one step away from becoming an elder of the outer sect.

Chapter 15

The phenomenon of becoming a nascent soul is described and Hanjua realises how difficult it is. He thinks that fairy shishian is the strongest cultivator. He has met and thanks God that he came to the Jade pure sect and depends on his master to get stronger than he remembers that now.

It will be better for him to stay at least alive for now then he stood up. He started cultivating his fire to reach the ninth level to not disappoint the master. A window informs him that he has successfully become a disciple of the intersect and shows him two development paths.

One is to earn reputation points to become the most substantial Peak by offending shishian. The other is to obtain shishian’s recognition but with a low profile and cultivation of Hanjua.

He thinks the second option isn’t good. Three years have passed and now Hanjua is trying to learn sword writing and he knows that skill quickly. The master appears and is impressed by him because he has been secluded for three years.

Hanji agrees with her and informs her that he has cultivated his fire and went cultivation to the ninth level and wants to know where to go for his Thunder cultivation.

The master shockingly asks him if he wants to cultivate all these in the foundational establishment realm to which he responds ambitiously. He also tells her he wants to cultivate all six not just three the master informs him with despair that he can’t, Hanjua angrily asks for the reason. The master tells him that specialising in a single attribute of spiritual Qi is extremely difficult. Putting aside the fact that he will face a stronger Heavenly. 

Chapter 16

Tribulations in the future and at the time he has invested in cultivation will also go to waste. Hanjua thinks the master is right but tells her that he can do it with determination and is willing to spend all his time. It is cultivating to see his decision. 

The master informs him that he can use teleportation formation to lead him to the Thunder spiritual pool hanjuice shows gratitude to his master. Now he is at the Thunder spiritual pool

and thinks it’s marvellous as he didn’t expect it to be this big. Then he looks at Thunder spiritual Qi and feels that by cultivating close to its Center. He can directly reach level 9. He sees a blue-haired guy and wonders why he is only cultivating in such a prominent place.

Meanwhile that guy shouts and tells Hanjuan not to wander and that he can only cultivate by the pool. He also tells him to obey the rules otherwise he will get killed by lightning hanju asks why he is shouting at him, and a tree replies that he should choose a spot to cultivate and informs him not to go close to the centre.

Hanju is shocked to see a tree spirit and thinks the Jade pure Seck must have spent a fortune because they have a tree. Spirit called cultivation catalysing treasure he believes that he has come to the right place. He shouts excitedly that he will cultivate it from scratch within a year. The other guy is doubtful that he heard him right as it’s impossible to do it in one year specifically for him. 

Chapter 17

One year later that same guy decides to take his words back because Hanju is insane. Hanjui has cultivated all six types of energies to the max level. Now he can go for foundation establishment he remembers that the master was worried about him, but she doesn’t know he has his way of cultivating to avoid the Heavenly tribulations.

The tree appears again and tells Hanjia that he should leave from here as people aren’t supposed to ascend here. Thunder spiritual pool increases the power of Thunder tribulations by two folds huge. Thundercloud appears and Hanji is determined to convert its energy into his foundation establishment. He describes the method of avoiding Heavenly tribulations as absorbing the Heavenly Thunder turning it into the purest spiritual energy and using it to improve cultivation of the tree. The boy communicates what technique he is using and then they mention that he has succeeded in advancing to the foundation establishment too fast.

Three years have passed Hanjua’s lifespan is now 200 years, and he has left the Thunder spiritual pool. He wonders how much his master loves Loki cultivation, meanwhile the blue-haired guy appears. He tells Hanjua that he has already made it to the third level of the foundation established in just two years. It shapes the lead decision that impacts top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 18.

It introduces himself as emo Fujo from Heavenly Thunder Peak Mo asks for his name thanks him and introduces himself. Emma is shocked and tells him that he wasted his time by joining Jade sent. Park and invites him to join Heavenly Thunder Peak but Hanju tells him that he acknowledges his master and can’t betray her, and she thanks him for his intentions.

Top Tier Providence Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 18 Events

Emo tells him his offer is available if he wants to join him. We see a group of people searching for a red-haired girl who is Shing. She manages to avoid them by mentioning that she doesn’t know where to go and only one person can believe him. That is Hanju and she refers to him as his Prince.

A window in front of Honduras informs him that his friend Xing is in trouble and Hanju despairs that she is still alive. He wonders how many functions this system has, and he also remembers that system. It hasn’t harmed him yet and thinks its origin.

It is never simple after that he ignores all this and focuses on cultivating Fire Chi. Suddenly Bells begin to ring and Hanjua. It wonders what happens when he goes outside to check on you. She tells him to go see the master together soon. She realises that Hanju has reached the third level of the foundational establishment Realm.

The fact that she is still on second level after spending so many years and wonders about hanju’s speed. She decides to hurry up and cultivate to not lose to his younger brother. He tells Hanju that the Bell is ringing after so many years which means the master is summoning all his disciples.

At the castle people talk about the spies of the verdesian nethercutt who have infiltrated their sect. They also mentioned that they must be extra careful when recruiting disciples. Hanju appears in the crowd, and everyone is astonished to see such a handsome guy. 

Chapter 19

A person who approves of Hanju asks him if he is the Master’s new disciple and introduces himself as the chief disciple of Jade Serene Peak Lou sanchin. He offers his help to hunt you at whenever he needs it Hanjua thanks him then the master appears and tells everyone to sit down.

Then she explains that the last three peaks of the 18 Peaks will send their disciples to fight against the verodesian nether cult. As they have sent their spies to plot against the Jade pure sect the sect master has decided to counter-attack.

Hanju is astonished because no one seems to be worried, the master further explains. Those who want to participate should remember that they will contribute to the sect manager. Liu tells the master not to become worried as the sect has developed a nurturing program to groom genuses of the peak and make them their Trump cards.

The master asks who is going to be selected. Master mentions Hanju’s name as he has achieved so much quickly. Everyone is shocked that the master didn’t choose the senior Brother Lou. Hanjira raised his hand and told his master that he wanted to cultivate quietly in the Jade Serene Peak, and he is a new disciple. He thinks this opportunity should be left for senior brothers and sisters. He doubts why the master cares so much about him and thinks she suspects him of being a spy for the nether cult. The master confirms Hanju as a statement and offers the position to his manager. 

Chapter 20

Lou’s manager Lou is happy and accepts this offer and a new boy with rectangular Shaped Glasses appears. It says thanks to hang he tells him to feel free to ask for help from his senior brother in the future. The system shows that Lu sashin’s favorability towards him has risen to one star. 

Henway’s shy and confused and wishes good luck to the senior brother. Europe peers and tells the senior brother he is taking away the junior brother. If he doesn’t mind, the boy with rectangular Shaped Glasses thinks that finally the junior sister gets the chance to be a senior now. He acknowledges that she is taking good care of him and decides to leave. He looks at Hanjira Kripala and says way to go Junior brother to which Hanjui hesitates. You said to Hanjua that he has been cultivating all the time. He has not done any sect Mission till now.

She asked him if he would like it if his older sister helped him. It feels annoyed and shows his disinterested ewer tells him that it is compulsory. She makes him realise that the cultivation.

in the cave Abode is very slow. If he does this Mission, he can obtain greater cultivation resources. Andrew says there is no need for the senior sister to trouble herself as he still has enough Spirit Stones. Ewer tells him that if he completes the mission, he will be rewarded with contribution points. He can use it in exchange for Phil saying that he fears dying. He is thinking about how we cultivators can be afraid of death. 

Chapter 21

If he is not afraid of death, then why does he cultivate? He hesitates and says that this is kind of making sense. The master is spying on Hanjua and acknowledges him as a coward. You can see Hanjua brave choice in top tier providence: secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 18.

She is convinced that Hanju is not a spy from the fiendish cult but a rough cultivator with no shortage of resources. She decides to observe him for a bit longer. Ten years have passed, and the tree says Hanju is a stinky brat and asks him about his presence again. He says he thought of him as a genius, but he is still at the third level of the foundational establishment realm after so many years.

Hanjua finds it hard to explain things when it comes to cultivation. The tree asks for his attention and tells him that cultivating is not something you can easily grasp. Hanjua replies that he sees only the third foundational establishment level of Thunder spiritual qi it costs him 400 superior qualities. 

Chapter 22

Spirit Stones to cultivate other spiritual roots to the fifth level of foundation establishment. So his actual cultivation level should be at the fifth level of the foundational establishment realm. He thinks he needs to use the least amount of Spirit Stones to cultivate the Thunder potential to its peak as soon as possible. The blue-haired guy appears again with a girl wearing a pink dress and hair and asks hanju about his presence here. Henji asks brother Mo about the girl brother Emmo introduces the girl to hanjua as his younger sister from his clan and Moju Anjui says hello to her and brother Mao tells her that this is the disciple. 

He had mentioned to her before from Jade Serene Park. She asked Hanju why he was still at the third level of the foundation establishment realm because her elder brother told her that Hanjua might have already reached the sixth level.

Hanjus says that he just wants to take things slowly so he will start cultivating them. It cost him a lot of Spirit Stones to stay for the desired amount of time. He warns her to keep her distance. She wants to cultivate a relationship with him, but brother Mao’s sister is disappointed. She thought Hanju was a genius with great potential but in all these years he made no progress. He breaks through two levels during these 10 years.

She asked his big brother Hanjua performs a technique. The surrounding spiritual Chi is being sucked in brother Emma is amazed and wonders. It is possible that this absorption speed even exceeds his absorption speed. It even though he is at the ninth level of the foundation establishment Realm.