Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years Chapter 1 to Chapter 10 Read it later

Chapter 1

A young boy named Hanju dies, and he gets a new innate fate. It is garbage and his Spirit root is inferior. A spirit root defines what element of chi one can cultivate. It is at what speed while the innate fate is one’s talent in various martial or spiritual art. The spiritual power influence happens in Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years manga.

He shakes the dice for a chance to roll a new innate fate destined loner no family no friends and no lover. He is going to be alone forever, but his lifespan has increased by 100 years in return. Once again, his luck failed him no matter how much he tried. It has already been 11 years since he has been trying to roll for something good. A boy from the 21st century was diagnosed with last stage cancer at the young age of 21. He is preferring not to receive further treatment, so he decided to wait for his impending death at home. So, he played a sketchy Immortal cultivating game to ease his pain and died while playing it when he opened his eyes. 

He found himself reborn in a fantasy world Jade pure sect an ancient realm where talented people could cultivate to become immortal owned by the great Yen Dynasty. You as parents were Servants of Elder iron and Alchemy Master of the outer Jade pure sect their major task. It was cultivating medicinal herbs for elder iron although these herbs benefited cultivators. They were highly poisonous to Ordinary People Hanju was six years old when his parents fled from the sect and left him behind luckily. Elder iron didn’t pay much attention to hanjua and assigned him the task of looking after the medical herbs.

Chapter 2

Hanju has been dealing with his situation for 11 years. The next morning after ending his workouts. Hanjua decides to try his luck with the system he rolls the dice, and his cultivation potential is considered Trash. All his excitement Fades away but he is still optimistic about the Kane Providence role. He rolls the dice again and now he is in shock when he sees that he gets a supreme grade Kane Providence. He now possesses an unparalleled charm of the immortal after having his Charisma stat maxed out, he rolled the highest aptitude in learning the Dao of

the sword. He gained one top-notch movement technique. After his cultivation starts for real, he will receive a peak grade cultivation technique and one thousand Superior grade Spirit Stones to help him cultivate hanju is happy and exclaims that with. These four Supreme grade Kane Providence. It does not matter if he starts cultivating at 40. He rolls around in the grass and feels good to have luck. 

After so long finally, suddenly an unknown voice Echoes and calls everyone to gather outside. Two cultivators have visited their sect, and everyone expects to greet them. Hanju is wondering what cultivators are doing in our garden. He looks up and sees a handsome young man and a girl standing atop a hill. The people look up to them. They express their desire to be like them.

The boy cultivator tells the people that they will be accountable for protecting Elder Irons medical herb garden. From today onwards, Hanju is bothered and wondering. Elder iron is the cultivator girl approaches with concern.

Chapter 3

He says don’t worry the sect has sent the two of us to protect you as fiendish cultivators have recently infiltrated the Jade pure sect elder iron. So, he has had to leave the medical herb garden to settle the issue on this Haugen size and relief and exclaims thank God because he thinks he still needs the protection of elder iron before he unlocks his Supreme cultivation. He has potential as this place has never been peaceful the next day. Haugen finds himself praying anxiously hoping for a top tier cultivation potential. As the days pass and even after a year his prayers remain unanswered, but Haugen continued to pray pleading for any God to bless him and Grant him the desired potential two years passed. Still, his luck did not change.

Haugen understands how he could be unlucky. He is not even rolling a high-grade cultivation potential. Once he is anxious about starting to cultivate with just a middle grade potential. If it would be a waste, he thinks he needs to be able to cultivate top tier cultivation. So that he can live long and not die at a human age again.

However, this thought of Haugen is interrupted by an echoing sound signaling the return of Elder iron. Everyone is dropping what they are doing and hurrying to greet him. Haugen wonders if Elder iron has returned after disappearing for two years.

As everyone gathers before the Elder iron. expressing their gratitude and respect. Haugen thinks they are simply seeking favors from the old man. Suddenly another sound Echoes commanding everyone’s attention signaling.

Chapter 4

As we interest story more Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years manga read online, Haugen is unsure whether Elder iron asked them to stretch out their hands. So, he can examine their cultivation potential. Haugen was confused by this Sudden Change in the Elder iron. He stood as he never forbade servants from cultivating suddenly. 

Haugen notices blood stains on the Elder’s clothes indicating his harm. The Elder iron turns to Haugen asking him to stretch his hand. Haugen hesitates and reluctantly stretches out his hand and to his relief. 

The Elder iron finds no cultivation potential in him. However, when the elder iron examines John G’s hand. He approves stating that he has cultivation potential. He would make him his student. Haugen feels a mix of fear and jealousy for the boy. The boy now gets the chance to become a cultivator.

He understands the dangers and uncertainties that lay ahead on such a path after the passing of three years. Haugen finally rolls the dice and gets a top tier cultivation potential that would not only let him cultivate in one but six different elements the spiritual physique of the six parts will finally belong to him now. He has everything and he feels that all his hardships have paid off and it is time for him to start his cultivation Journey. So, he is excited yet anxious about Elder iron as he has not seen Zhang Jeevi since his disappearance. He fears the worst; he knows that he will be in trouble. Elder iron discovers that he gets his cultivating potential seeking guidance from the system. Haugen discovers that he can create a barrier to hide his cultivation potential with Newfound determination. 

Chapter 5

He begins his journey as the system activates Haugen wonders what awaits him in this new chapter of his life. Haldin is introduced to the system which offers him the choice of six different cultivation roots. He is confused he thinks about his decision before finally settling on The Swordsman cultivation path a sudden shock course through his body fills him with warmth and energy. It is the first body energy filling of Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years.

The system wishes him good luck and reminds him there is no turning back as Haugen absorbs the information. He immediately notices the relationship tab which lets you know your favorability amongst the people. You have already met and he finds out that Elder iron hates him. He Sighs and thinks maybe Elder iron hates him because of his parents who abandoned their Duty and fell to the outer sect. He wonders about where he has been going for the past few years. Despite this Haugen eagerly starts his new Journey sitting in a yoga meditation pose. Haugen focused on sensing different energies around him including earth, wood, water and thunder but not fire.

He decides to initiate his cultivation using the available Energies the system gives him two options. He can either go high profile or stay low-key so he chooses the second option without giving it a single thought after two years. Haugen is a different man now he uses the Earth sheet to nourish the growth of herbs. He uses water Chi to moisten the plants. When she cleans the bad air people have started greeting hang more often. 

Chapter 6

He is treating him nicely with all the girls fond of him. He expressed their desire to marry him; he wonders if being in such a high profile would be good or bad. Amid this attention a beautiful young girl calls out. Haugen’s name she asks him to follow her into the forest and wants to discuss something. That become for important decisions of Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years.

Haugen agrees and wonders at her sudden interest in him. She rarely interacts with servants. He asks the system to display his interpersonal relationship with Xing Hong shin. This system shows two stars. Haugen wonders if her attention is solely due to his looks and charm. That assures him there is no need to be nervous and clarifies that she simply wants to know if haldin aspires to remain a slave in the herbal garden forever.

Haugen says of course not and expresses his desire for a different path despite having been there since birth the girl then makes a request. In exchange for freeing him from his mortal status she asks Haugen to retrieve Elder Iron’s alchemy recipe if he fulfils this task she promises to take him away from the Jade pure sect. 

He accompanies him to the fiendish cult or they can make a good couple. Haugen feels a shock wave and wonders if the girl is associated with the fiendish cult. Haugen is taken aback when he hears the name of the fiendish cult. He thinks that if he offends the Jade pure sect they will not spare him or Worse the girl. He can kill him to keep him silent however the girl asks him not to worry and urges him to take his time.

Chapter 7

Haldi knows that both of them have similar seventh level cultivation. He does not possess any magic trick yet or maybe the girl possesses any he tells the girl that he doesn’t know the place of the things. She is afraid of people guarding the area and lacks cultivation potential. The girl tells him that it is an elder Iron’s place and is searching for medicinal herbs. That will not return for a couple of years so that they can search for the alchemy recipe. She assures how then not to worry about the guardian as she will lead them away as a greeting gift. It also shares Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years expected spirit. 

She offers him pills that can enhance his speed. Haugen became doubtful of the pills, questioning whether the pills were poisonous. The girl offers to groom him as his husband once the job is done. Haugen orders the system to remove the pill from his body. He vomits now he wonders if he should work for the fiendish girl. Suddenly the system offers him two options to choose from: he can either choose to help her and obtain a five-star hatred level from the pure Jade sect or he can refuse to help her.

He obtains a sword technique he goes with the second option sitting in a house in a yoga pose the girl’s voice echoes in his ears and tells him that the alchemy recipe is in the study room. She assures him that they will shift the guard giving him a chance to search and warns him about the several formations.

Chapter 8

Later that night when he enters the Elder irons Pavilion he sees a boy who is dead now. So he thinks of the fiendish girl’s cruelty after that he hears some guards shouting in the distance who are trying to chase her thinking about how she is doing her Duty flawlessly. He needs to put on a convincing act. He enters the Elder iron study room and pretends he is finding something but in reality he is simply acting and wasting his time.

The girl suddenly appears and questions him about finding the alchemy recipe. She becomes doubtful, blaming him for easing off. Haugin tries to explain himself, but the girl’s words indicate that she has already killed many people and does not hesitate to add one more to the list amid the tense situation. Haugen’s words are cut short as he discovers the alchemy recipe. Alchemy recipe is falling on the floor, and he asks how he can hide things like this. That work can change the Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years story.

Haugen thinks she gets this thing she will kill him, but she grabs him tightly and shows her love to him by finding the alchemy recipe. Haugen is wondering what he should do now because the alchemy recipe is in her hand and now the sword technique is gone. He thinks and decides to attack while the girl wonders how she should open it suddenly the elder iron appears and attacks both of them. He takes the alchemy recipe and becomes angry at them while the girl wonders about his return.

Chapter 9

The Elder iron says that he has been there for a long time. It is just waiting for them to appear. Another student does not accept his mission and only to accept it. It is now the master tells the girl to be ready to be dead.

The fiendish girl thinks she has been using her energy since earlier. Now it is foolish to fight with him and Escape. Haugin gets off the floor and acts like he is trying his best. He deals with the a fiendish girl and now he is happy that the master is here. Elder iron questions him about what happened. Tells him he is just being used Because he believes she wants to groom him to be her husband.

Haugen pleads not to mention it and thinks he cannot notice that I am just acting and now he is not accountable for the ACT. He gets the sword technique due to not helping the fiendish girl.

Two years have passed, and Haugen uses the new sword technique to cut off the woods. Meanwhile he thinks of exiting the herb garden soon because now it is no longer assisting him in his cultivation in these two years he has cultivated four of his six Spirit roots to the ninth level of the key refinement realm and now he only needs to increase the fire and lightning Spirit route to break through to the next Realm to achieve that he has no choice but to leave the herb garden on his way. 

Chapter 10

He hears two farmers talking about how they saw elder iron increase his lifespan again and finally. Hanjua says goodbye to the 20 years of living in this herb garden. He stands in front of the Gate of the Jade pure sect now it is the time for him to take root in this place the guards standing at the door ask for his identity. It became a hint for spirit power in Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years.

He introduces himself as Hanju a rough cultivator ninth level of the chi refinement Realm he asks them to join the Jade pure section hearing this Haugen is from the ninth level of the chi refinement. The guards become anxious and tell him to wait as they want to inform someone a man appears and says that there is no need for it his name is Yan luo, an outer sect Warden of the J pure sect. He asks Hanju to check on him because there have.

There have been increased cases of fiendish cultivators. He asks him to show his spiritual energy when Hanjui shows him they all wonder if he is at the ninth level of the refinement realm; the sect Warden thinks that the innocence of his spiritual energy does not seem like he is from any kind of faddish cult. Takes him to the outer sect for registration and now Hanju is a disciple of the Jade pure sect Hamza asks him about the number of disciples in the outer sect which is more than two thousand and who can enter the intersection if they reach the foundation establishment.