Why did Nico Robin turn White? Complete Answered! Read it later

Nico Robin is one of the famous and likable female characters of One piece. She appears as a villain in the Alabasta saga but becomes the favorite and sixth member of Straw Hat. The time skip changes the characters of the One piece that include their body color and design change. The audience observes instantly the change in the skin color of Nico Robin. In the beginning, the skin color of Nico Robin has tanned according to the Alabasta Desert. So, why did Nico Robin turn White?

Eiichiro Oda in his interview mentions that Nico Robin is Russian. The manga artist of One piece does not present the colored version of Robin and the Toei animation starts work on the appearance of Nico Robin for post time skip. Nico Robin eye color changes in the anime. She has brown eyes in the manga that turn blue in the animation version. After realizing the blunder of the animation studio, they decide to fix the appearance after time skip. 

There is a logic that fits complete with the pale skin of Nico Robin. She spent 2 Years with the Revolutionary Army at the windy land which is less warm than the desert of the Alabasta. Nico Robin’s body developed tan due to spending four years in the desert of Alabasta. After the 2 Year time skip, Nico robin becomes more open minded and clear about his purpose with his crew. 

In this article, we share with you about Nico Robin’s skin whitening, Hair, Body Shape, and nose of the most popular character of the One-Piece manga.  Read about Why did Robin save Luffy now.

Nico Robin’s Skin Whitening

One piece manga artist, Eiichiro Oda, does not explain the skin color of characters in the manga. There is no detail in the original manga because it is black and white. The facial features are not enough to choose the race of Nico Robins. Toei animation studio turns Nico Robin into a tanned skin girl with bright blue eyes. Before the time skip, Nico Robin has consistent tan skin tone throughout the animation. Eiichiro Oda does not give negative feedback to the animation studio and wants to give the character original skin tone according to the manga story. 

The audience has the expectation of the one-piece character skin color according to the before time skip. The animation really confused the audience about Nico Robin. Someone on Reddit posted that Nico Robin is Egyptian because of her back story. Nico Robin turns white even though she has tan skin as a child that is noticeable in her flashbacks like her parents. 

Nico Robin Design Change

The audience notices the change in the design of Nico Robin’s, her facial features, body shape and hair length changes. The hair of Nico Robin grows longer and moves backward down to her back that makes her forehead more visible. Her ear and side neck become visible. Moreover, the body curves of Robin become more visible due to increased breast size. The sharpness of the nose also increases in the Nico robin’s face that cannot be the result of a 2-year aging. Her face also looks more rounder with thinner and longer eyebrows. 

Personality Change

Nico Robin’s personality changes into a relaxed and playful person after the time skip. She smiles and laughs often through experience. She giggles often in different scenes. Robin became a nicer and good-looking woman. Her association with the crew changes and becomes more expressive. Some people on reddit comment that the Nico Robin nature changes. Nico Robin is no longer a bad girl attitude and has nicer interactions with mannerism. The maturity of Nico Robins makes her softer.