Why did Zoro stop Laughing? Complete Answered! Read it later

Roronoa Zoro is the friend and team member of Monkey D. Luffy. Zoro is the main fighter of Straw Hat Pirates crew with no devil fruit powers. Roronoa Zoro has the powerful abilities of Asura and Kenbunshoku Haki. Zoro has the dream to become the strongest swordsman after the death of his childhood freind Shimotsuki Kuina. So, Why did Zoro stop laughing? Zoro laughs in the beginning arc of One piece like Romance Dawn Arc and Orange Town Arc. Roronoa Zoro lost the fight against Dracule Mihawk in the Baratie Arc. The defeat makes Zoro vow to become stronger after serious injuries. The death of Portgas D. Ace in the Marineford arc decreases his hope. Zoro starts training with the Mihawk to improve his combat skills.  

Zoro loses the humorous attitude to follow his purpose to give his Straw Hat Pirates crew the world’s strongest swordsman. In this article, we share with you about the Zoro fights Mihawk, Zoro trains with Mihawk, zoro and luffy friendship. These points further clear the reason for Zoro to stop laughing in One piece. Read about Why did Nico Robin turn White now.

Zoro Fights Mihawk

The fight between Zoro and Mihawk has an influence over the life of Zoro because he loses the fight. You can see the fighting skills of the Zoro throughout anime and manga. Zoro does weight training and bodyweight training. Mihwak has superhuman abilities and fights with the giant super powerful sword named Yoru. Mihawk is the strongest seven warlords of the sea who get his powers through natural skill and training.

When Zoro saw the Mihawk, he was excited and energetic. Zoro recipes Mihawk that he wants to become stronger. Zoro wants to fight with Mihawak due to his promise with his dear friend. Mihawk compares Zoro with a rabbit and shows him his tiny knife. Mihawk stops every attack elegantly. Mihwak mentions Zoro as week one. Then, Zoro is ready to beat Mihawk through his three sword style and suddenly, Mihwak pierce the knife in his chest.Mihawk puts out the strongest black sword to defeat Zoro. Zoro appreciates his award and stands in front of Mihwak with open arms to get a big scar as a swordsman. The mihawk fight gives Zoro a direction to grow as a swordsman with confidence instead of losing the temper. 

Roronoa Zoro Trains with Mihawk

Zoro came back to Rorona and bowed down in front of him. Zoro requests Mihawk to train him. Mihwak shames Zoro about getting instruction from enemies. Zoro tells Mihawk that he defeated the baboons and is not that stupid. Mihawk then asks the ghost girl to treat Zoro for recovery. The training of the Zoro starts after he recovers. 

Zoro also promises Luffy to become stronger because the crew deserve the strongest swordsman. Roronoa Zoro fights with the humandrills in training and Mihwak teaches him about making the sword black blade. Zoro moves to Kuraigana Island where Dracule Mihwak lives to learn swordsmanship skills like Haki basics for 2 Years. The training changes Zoro’s attitude as a swordsman and makes him serious about his life purpose. 

Zoro and Luffy Friendship

The friendship of Zoro and Luffy is clear throughout the anime. Luffy saves Zoro from marines and offers him to join his crew. Zoro rejects Luffy’s offer at first and later joins the straw hat pirates as a swordsman. Luffy trusts Zoro the most and respects each other. Zoro wants to get stronger for Luffy. Luffy saves the life of Zoro through impressing the Mihawk. Zoro takes the pain of Luffy in the Thriller Bark arc. Bartholomew Kuma is about to kill theLuffy but Zoro takes the pain by pushing his hand in the pain bubble. Zoro associates his mission of becoming the strongest swordsman with Luffy’s mission. Zoro stops laughing because Zoro feels weak to protect his captain and crew from Mihawk.