Why does Zoro want to be the greatest Swordsman? Complete Answered! Read it later

Roronoa Zoro is the best friend and the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro was a skilled bounty hunter before joining Luffy’s crew and famous for his three-sword style. Zoro has dedication for his goals and is loyal with a sensible attitude. The bounty of Zoro increased as he became famous in One piece. So, why does Zoro want to be the greatest Swordsman? Zoro wants to be the greatest Swordsman because Roronoa Zoro promised Shimotsuki Kuina about it. Kunia dies after falling down but Zoro decides to keep his promise. Zoro promised Luffy to never lose again after the losing fight against Mihawk. 

In this article, we share with you the Roronoa Zoro childhood promise and dedication to support Monkey D. Luffy. The purpose of Zoro also motivates us to achieve something meaningful in our lives. 

Promise to Kuina

Zoro meets Kuina in his childhood and both become close friends. Kuina fights with Zoro through Wado Ichimonji sword. Zoro always loses the fight against Kuina but she acknowledges the potential of Zoro. Zoro and Kuina promise each other to become the greatest swordsman in the world. Kunia dies in an accident through falling from the stairs and dies. Zoro decides to keep his promise with the Kuina and takes her sword Wado Ichimonji from her father. Zoro spent his childhood in Shimotsuki village which is a small East Blue village.

This village forms through a Shimotsuki Clan member. Shimotsuki Kozaburo is a swordsmith from the Shimotsuki family who leaves the Land of Wano and settles in East Blue. Roronoa Pinzoro is the grandfather and Roronoa Arashi is the father of Roronoa Zoro. Both are local swordsmen from the Shimotsuki village. Zoro’s father dies in the battle with pirates and his mother dies due to illness. Roronoa Zoro became an orphan at the age of 8 Years old. Zoro has a deeper connection with the Kuina and her purpose to become the greatest swordsman. 

Support Luffy’s Dream

Roronoa Zoro lost the fight against the Mihawk with serious injuries in the Baratie arc. Dracule Mihawk wins the fight against Zoro with ease, which makes Zoro angry and disappointed about his abilities. Zoro remembers that he wants to be the strongest swordsman of the world. He associates his purpose with his best friend Luffy. Zoro promises Luffy that he will never lose any fight ever again. Roronoa Zoro does not only want to be stronger for his purpose but wants to support the Straw Hat Pirates crew from the enermies. Zoro wants to dedicate his potential to become the best swordsman that is helpful for Luffy to get the treasure of One Piece. 

Zoro Values Learning over Guilt 

Roronoa Zoro becomes the apprentice of the Dracule Mihawk after losing a fight against Mihawk. Zoro first became angry and felt ashamed about his combat skills. He gathered his courage and went to Mikawk to learn from one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Zoro has 2 Years dedicated training from his enemy without any guilt and focuses on becoming the greatest Swordsman. Mehwak teaches Zoro to turn Armament Haki into black sword.